Microwaveable Coffee Travel Mug

Coffee, this type of drink is indeed extraordinary, various things can be done with this type of drink ingredient. Even various things related to coffee also give their charm, one of which is coffee mugs. As a place to enjoy coffee, of course, with the development of time, the need for coffee mugs is also changing. In today's era, a microwaveable coffee travel mug is even needed that can be used by coffee lovers when they want to enjoy hot coffee.

Heat preserving mugs are one of the concepts used in beverage containers or mugs that can maintain the temperature well. Of course, the products offered are even better with attractive designs that make you interested in owning them.

Of the many mug models, the need for microwaveable coffee travel mugs is important for coffee lovers who also like to travel. What must be understood is that what must be put in the microwave is food, liquids, and containers that are safe for laying food and drinks.

Coffee Travel Mug Microwave Safe

There are three important words, in this case, namely microwave, coffee, and mug. And the question is can you put a glass in the microwave?

Tableware made of glass and ceramics is usually safe to use in the microwave, except for items such as crystals and some handmade pottery. If it concerns glass or ceramic dishes, bowls, cups, mugs, mixing bowls, or bakery tools, then it should be in a clear place as long as there is no paint or metallic inlay.

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For a coffee lover, enjoying coffee hot is a pleasure, when the drink becomes cold this is certainly disappointing. To make the coffee hot or warm again, a microwaveable coffee mug is needed.

The best microwaveable coffee mugs are made of glass, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic, and have a handle that stays cool enough to hold comfortably. Whatever material is chosen, it must be ensured that the cup is microwave-safe. While borosilicate glass, ceramics, and some plastic materials are generally resistant to heat, your safest mug is to always use something marked for use in the microwave. Most microwave-safe mugs are also dishwasher safe, as that means they can withstand high temperatures, but it's always good to double-check if you don't like washing mugs by hand.

Microwaveable Travel Coffee Mug

There are several choices of microwaveable coffee travel mugs, there are 3 best choices according to tampacrit.com, including:

1. JOCO 12oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Picture: amazon.com)

This travel mug is made of borosilicate glass with a lid and a soft silicone sleeve, which helps protect your hands from burns. It's microwave and dishwasher safe and comes in standard barista sizes, so you might be able to fill it at your local coffee shop and skip disposable plastic cups. It comes in a rainbow of fun colors, so you will surely find one that will quickly become your favorite.

Available colors: 14, including vintage green, strawberry pink, and blue

Available sizes: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 12 oz., and 16 oz.

2. Tervis insulated tumbler mug

Tervis insulated tumbler mug (Picture: amazon.com)

Enjoy your favorite hot drink wherever you are with this cup from Tervis, which is microwave safe and dishwasher. Made of Tritan — a lightweight, durable, and BPA-free plastic — it has a double-walled, insulated design that can help keep your drink hot or cold longer. It has a lid with contoured lips and a sliding cover and features an ergonomic grip. The closed mug style comes in 16 ounces, but other options are available.

3. Microwave mug system

Microwave mug system
Microwave mug system (Picture: amazon.com)

Created specifically for microwaves, this simple big mug works for everything from coffee to soup. The locking lid has a steam vent, so you can store it in your cup in the microwave to prevent splashing. These mugs are made of BPA-free plastic and are also safe for refrigerators, freezers, and top shelves. Because it is made of plastic, the handle also remains cool, so it is easy to hold.

Aren't you confused about microwaveable coffee travel mugs? Hopefully, this information is useful for those of you who are currently looking for the best mug for traveling.

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