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There is nothing more interesting and fun, which is to sitting alone and enjoying the time while drinking a cup of coffee. For most people, enjoying coffee can be said to be a fun way to start the day with coffee. So many options to enjoy coffee, ranging from espresso, cappuccino, and americano to bulletproof coffee. Of course, in addition to the delicious taste, there is one more thing that will attract you to want to buy coffee, namely the purchase discount when buying this bulletproof coffee. For that, you need a Bulletproof Coffee Discount code so you can immediately get the discount.

Bulletproof coffee is a very popular drink on social media in the United States. Besides being called healthy, this coffee is very trendy and also beautiful to photograph. This drink is a frothy and fatty coffee. The type of fat introduced into it is butter from grass-fed cows.

Bulletproof Coffee Near Me

What's wrong with bulletproof coffee? Bulletproof's founder and CEO, Dave Asprey, discovered butter that was put in coffee on a trip to Tibet.

The healthy benefits of bulletproof coffee drinks are found in their healthy fat content. MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil plus omega-three fatty acids in it creates a combination of nutrients that are filling while losing weight.

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Dave Asprey says that for decades it has been bombarded with nutritional information and marketing that says that fat is bad. Fortunately, modern science finds good fats precisely make us strong, muscular, and healthy.

"Fat is the foundation of a Bulletproof lifestyle based on years of research. I learned that fat stops cravings for food, energizes the brain, and supports hormones and our overall health every day," he adds. Asprey himself managed to lose weight by 45 kg by drinking bulletproof coffee every breakfast.

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When viewed from the composition, one serving of bulletproof coffee contains 441 calories with 0 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 0 grams of fiber, and 51 grams of fat. This coffee can help the weight loss, but that doesn't mean it's healthy. The claim of weight loss when consuming bulletproof coffee is quite extreme, so it is feared that yoyo syndrome will occur for those who apply it in the long term.

Bulletproof coffee can provide extra energy because of its high-calorie content. In addition, the caffeine content in coffee has a stimulant effect that makes the heart beat faster and increases blood pressure. Caffeine also increases the production of the hormone adrenaline in the blood, a hormone that causes the body ready for intense physical activity.

Bulletproof Coffee Promo Code

Interested in getting Bulletproof coffee at a low price? Of course, you can get a discount on the purchase of this best coffee.

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  • And there are still many online sales websites and marketplaces that can provide discounts for you if you want to get Bulletproof Coffee.

Hopefully, the information about the "Bulletproof Coffee Discount code" has benefited you as a coffee lover.

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