How Do You Make Iced Coffee

What's wrong with coffee? Coffee is still interesting to discuss, even while sitting back and enjoying time at your favorite coffee place, discussing coffee like endless. Whether it's just a discussion of how to make coffee, types of good coffee, or plans to do coffee business, it is an interesting theme to discuss while enjoying coffee. Amid the development of coffee and also the coffee business, the type of coffee that is interesting as a business idea is iced coffee, the question is how do you make iced coffee that is delicious and liked important.

Iced coffee (Picture: thecommonscafe)

Iced coffee is a type of coffee drink that is served cold or served by adding ice cubes. In the process of making it daily, iced coffee can be made from ordinary coffee or it can be made from espresso.

How To Make Iced Coffee 

There are many ways to make iced coffee, iced coffee was first made in France and referred to as mazagran. Mazagran is made from cold coffee and the addition of sparkling water.

An easy way to make iced coffee can be done traditionally, namely by soaking the coffee beans that have been ground overnight, and the next day, the coffee water is poured into a glass and cooled.

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How to make iced coffee in a modern way is certainly different from the traditional way, in the modern way iced coffee is made by making hot coffee and by adding ice cubes.

How To Make Iced Coffee In a French Press 

In addition to the traditional way to make iced coffee, there is an interesting way to make this delicious iced coffee dish, which is to use a French press.

The ingredients needed to make one cup of iced coffee yourself at home, include:

  • Coarsely ground coffee by 30 grams.
  • Cold water 350 ml.
  • Ice cubes.

Make iced coffee in a French Press (Picture: thecoffeeguru) 

Simple ways to make iced coffee with a French press, including:

  1. Stir the coffee with cold water in a French press. Then prepare a French press and put 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee in it. Pour 350 ml of cold water and use a spoon to carefully stir it. (Also, the note is not to immediately push the press on the appliance because ground coffee takes more time to interact with the water).
  2. Chill the French press overnight. Since you can not put the tool with a French Press lid in the refrigerator, then cover the top of the appliance with plastic wrapping. Put the appliance in the refrigerator and let the coffee brew for 12 hours or overnight. (For a stronger flavor, brew coffee for a maximum of 24 hours).
  3. Push the French Press. Remove the French press from the refrigerator and remove the plastic wrapping. Attach the lid to the top of the French Press and slowly, push the press so that the ground coffee goes down to the bottom.
  4. Pour coffee into a colander to remove its natural oil. For a more "clean" taste, prepare a gauze filter to filter the coffee and place a strainer on top of the measuring teapot. Slowly pour the cold coffee into a colander and remove or compost the remaining coffee grounds in the appliance.

Interesting isn't it? Hopefully, the discussion about "how do you make iced coffee" coffee is useful and can be practiced at home.

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