Backpacks for Travelling Abroad

Having a hobby traveling is fun. With the development of technology and accommodation to do traveling, your hobby to enjoy the journey will be more facilitated, especially if you want to enjoy the trip abroad. There is a lot of conveniences that you can get right now, from the presence of cheap ticket promo held by various airlines, which increasingly opens the opportunity for anyone to explore the best attractions around the world at a cost Affordable prices. With an interesting characteristic, the feature of your travels mostly with backpacks, so it takes a backpack to travel abroad that is easy and practical that can be carried for long periods of time with far distances.

The pattern of traveling by using a backpack is different, traveling style with a backpack is not suitable for all circles. Only certain people who still have a lot of free time, such as young children who still have not been tied to work in the office who love to do traveling, let alone the traveling model using backpacks is traveling with a fee that is cheap. Why can it be said that traveling with backpacks is different?. This is because the pattern of a traveling backpacker is usually done for a long time because they enjoy exploring the lives of local people in the city, rather than by focusing to visit popular tourist attractions.

Backpack to travel abroad
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To support overseas activities, you need tools to carry goods or supplies, usually, there are two choices that are suitcase or backpacks. But for those of you who like traveling freely and can enjoy traveling freely, you should prefer backpacks.

Backpacks for Travel Abroad

Since we have chosen the backpacks that will be used to travel abroad, we have the knowledge and little experience of choosing the backpacks and also the experience to pack things into the essentials. Moreover, all you have to do is choose the backpacks that have good quality, so you can use them for long periods of time.

To choose Backpacks, besides you have to pay attention to quality, there are some tips that you can do to choose the best backpack, among others:

  • Look at the stitches in the backpack, also note the material is strong or not.
  • In addition, you can ask about the warranty, if you can save proof of purchase in order to be changed if the backpack is damaged.
  • Choose a glowing color (this is actually a personal preference only), so you are not confused to choose your backpack, because the average color is the same. When the color is slightly different, it is seen that your backpack is already coming.
  • Lastly, purchase a cover to protect your backpack, which can be transparent plastic or other materials.

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There are advantages that you get by choosing a backpack as your friend to travel abroad, such as:

  • Practically, this reason is often used to use a backpack and carry your belongings while traveling.
  • Backpacks become the best bags for traveling, whether riding the mountain, taking a trip to the beach even overseas, the backpack can be a mainstay bag.
  • Flexible. Backpacks can be used for all activities, depending on the length of time you travel and the number of items you carry.

Despite the advantages of using a backpack, using backpacks also has drawbacks, such as:

  • Using a backpack can be a heavy burden for the back, especially if the goods are carried a lot.
  • Carrying a backpack must be cautious because it is prone to crime.
  • Some backpacks have less good material. So you have to be careful when filling the backpack with the goods when fully charged, the long-stitched backpack can also be damaged.

Best Backpacks For Traveling Abroad

In addition to some of the tips above, there are several backpacks that you can choose and can use to get out of the country. There are a lot of brands in the market, among those backpacks, there is a choice of a backpack that can give you comfort, look stylish and can give you efficiency when you are traveling. However, in this case, I only choose three backpacks that I think suits you. 

Here are the backpacks you can use to travel abroad, such as:

  • Osprey Atmos

Best Backpacks For Traveling Abroad

Osprey Atmos is one of the most remarkable backpacks that suit your travels. The backpack has a sophisticated Anti-Gravity Suspension System. The backpack includes a comfortable, high-quality backpack. At the top of the Osprey backpack, it has the ideal pockets for the small size items you use often. The best thing about the Canadian company Osprey is that this company makes bags for men and women.

Osprey Atmos has a size of 50 liters and 65 liters, with a price before tax $330 to $360.

  • Deuter AirContact

Deuter AirContact is a good bag that is intended for your traveling, whether you are happy to walk or you are glad to climb the mountain. This backpack has an expensive price compared to other backpacks, but even though it's expensive, the bag is very clean, and it's a comfortable bag that also has a great support system, and different from other backpack types. Deuter AirContact has a front zipper that gives access to all the items in the bag.


Deuter AirContact has a size of 45 liters up to 75 liters, with an estimate of the price before tax is around $230 to $410.

  • Arc'teryx Altra

Arc'teryx Altra is a backpack destined for men, but many women who are fond of traveling choose this bag. This backpack can be used both for men and women, because of its design and interesting facilities. This bag can be used for various activities, other than traveling, such as long journeys and also climbing mountains. Because of the quality and design of a quality backpack, it is reasonable that this backpack has a very expensive price.


Arc'teryx Altra has a 65 liter and 75-liter Ukran, with a price estimate offered before tax of $330 to $475.

There are a lot of the best backpack options to choose from, the three backpacks above are the best backpack types for backpacking, hiking and mountain climbing. Therefore make sure you choose backpacks for traveling abroad that suit your needs.

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