Over Travel Drawer Slides

Furniture is a fixture that is placed inside the house, this equipment can be a chair, a table or a closet. The furniture comes from the French language, Fourniture. The word "fourniture" derives from the word "fournir" meaning furnish or home furnishings. In other words, furniture is all items that are in the house that are used by homeowners in conducting their daily activities. One of the most used furniture is the furniture with drawers inside, but we often forget one of the equipment inside, that is, the drawer, so when the damage occurs, we are confused to know, one of them is over travel Drawer slides, which are usually used to facilitate the opening of the drawer.

Many types of furniture exist around us, even many of them are already used as home equipment, and each furniture has different quality and technical specifications, although in essence, it has a function that Same. Rail drawer or also known as drawer slides is also called furniture hardware, consisting of hinges, handles, locks, and drawer rails that almost 90% of the furniture needs are manufactured by the factory.

Overtravel Drawer Slides

Speaking of drawers, the mechanical drawer system on wooden furniture, initially using a very simple drawer mounting construction, taking into consideration the basic functions as squares or places to store. Called a simple system, this is because it only uses a pair of wooden rods on the side of the drawer box as a rail.

Simple system on the drawer using wooden rails by attaching a pair of wooden rods that are pasted in a way, attaching them with couplers or nails and pasted using wood glue on the cabinet side Board and also the addition A piece of a small wood on the back. This simple system is very suitable for the classic wood furniture models because it does not require a smooth pull or thrust process and does not ask for the endurance strength of the drawer.

Overtravel Drawer Slides;Over Travel Drawer Slides;
Overtravel Drawer Slides (Picture source: rockler.com)
As a tool that simplifies drawers to operate, over travel drawer slides, having various types, ranging from the lowest price to the most expensive with good quality.

For the lowest price of this drawer slides using plastic wheel rails, this model is very often used because it is very cheap and easy when installing. But even though inexpensive, this model's drawer slides have drawbacks, i.e. drawers cannot open entirely, and still have parts still closed for wheel handles, nor can it be too strong because the steel plates are used thin.

The next is the rail drawer with bearings, the rail is quite robust and the drawer can open in full, because the wheel mechanism uses bearing, and for the price is more expensive when compared to the plastic rails.

Accuride Overtravel Drawer Slides

There are a lot of drawer slides with good quality, one of them is "Accuride". Accuride with "Always Moving Forward", we strive to provide drawer slides as well as various other furniture equipment. There are various types of drawer slides offered in Accuride, with a large selection of mechanical rail types.

The mechanical rails use the already developed system that follows the requirements of international standards. The mechanical drawer rails in question are the specially crafted rails of a combination of metallic, plastic or also rubber materials that are deliberately designed to enhance the usability of the drawer box.

Accuride Overtravel Drawer Slides;Over Travel Drawer Slides;
Accuride Overtravel Drawer Slides (Picture source: accuride.com)
The drawer rail installation position also varies, starting from mounting at the bottom of the drawer, the side or can also be on the top that hangs the drawer box, it also responds to the weakness of the use of wood rails that can be dropped when exposed, is also the reason for the use of mechanical drawer rails. Even today, Accuride also provides a mechanical drawer rail that allows the drawer box to be ejected as a whole, meaning that the drawer can be opened up to all parts of the drawer can be seen.

There are various sizes of drawer slides available in Accuride, such as 10 ", 12", 14 ", 16", 18 ", 20", 22 ", 24", 26 ", 28" and 30 ". Everything depends on the needs and functionality you want when ordering and buying these drawer slides.

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