Best Travel Nurse Agencies

What is interesting about a hobby traveling?. Definitely satisfaction. However, what if the hobby can be combined with the job you like, for example, you like health-related work, such as caring for someone. This is sure to give you an opportunity and can give you tremendous pleasure. A travel nurse can be the answer to your hopes and wishes while enjoying traveling in various areas, you can also get paid to do the job you like. But to be a travel nurse, you have to register for the agency and you have to meet the requirements to become a travel nurse. Therefore, you should be smart looking for information about the best travel nurse agencies that are trusted.

In a growing digital age and a change that is quite drastic, causing all aspects to change, as well as health services. People also increasingly understand the importance of health, this causes the needs of a nurse who can easily to come in an area, especially remote areas in the United States, or a travel nurse, who can Accompany a patient at any time, not only to accompany at home but also to take care and accompany a patient up to abroad.

Best Travel Nurse Agencies

The existence of a travel nurse is very necessary, even with the travel nurse, you can get health care, either for home or in a remote hospital that is not accessible to medical personnel. Moreover, the travel nurse can reach the residents ' houses, it will give a sense of security and calm to the family members at home.

Tips for choosing the best Travel Nurse agent

With the development of life patterns, more and more people realize the importance of health, it opens opportunities, especially the work for people who like traveling. However, even if you are a travel nurse, you need an agency that can manage your job placement. The travel nurse profession through a health care agency is still very attractive. With the still open demand for travel nurses, make travel nurse career Become a profession with a higher salary than the nurse who is employed in the hospital.

For those of you who have been very interested in becoming a travel nurse, then the tips in choosing a Travel nurse agent that can be given are:

  • Choose a nursing agent that has the best reputation also extraordinary that can manage the affairs with the best nursing travel agency.
  • Look for information on the experience of nursing agents, can go through the reviews of each website, or through a search engine, or through a person who has been a direct dive into a travel nurse, so you can get objective information About nursing agents who can take care of this affair.

Top-Rated Travel Nursing Agencies For LPNS

Speaking of the best travel nurse agent, there are a few travel nurse agents you can consider, which we get from several references, such as:

  1. Medical Solutions
  2. Tailored Healthcare Staffing,
  3. RN Network
  4. Trustaff
  5. Travel Nurse Across America

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1. Medical Solutions

This travel agent has its headquarters in Nebraska, which gives an offer from the coast to the beach. Especially with a very competitive salary. The recruiter team from Medical Solutions can be contacted 24 hours a week (24/7), which can be via phone or email. You will get an offer in the form of a personally-provided housing, plus attractive housing facilities.

For travel perks, including travel expenses and also license updates as well as special certifications. Through this agency, you will get the best deals you can not miss.

2. THS (Tailored Healthcare Staffing)

The nurse Travel Agency operates in Ohio, experienced and also has a joint commission certification and also has more than 10 years of experience in the work of travel nurses in the United States. Through this agency, you will get the best deals.

There are many things that you can get if you become a travel nurse through this agency, for example, you will get health insurance coverage and also life insurance, plus, THS will reimburse the travel expenses, licensing fees, and also education tuition fees.

3. RN Network

The Agency Travel Nurse is headquartered in Florida, with an extraordinary experience for 20 years. RN Network is the best and biggest travel nurse agent, and RN Network offers national assignments.

Travel nurse who has received through RN Network will get a premium salary plus bonus on weekends. The RN Network has a wide network of networks, including big-city hospitals, teaching facilities as well as health centers in the countryside.

RN Network can be your agency of choice that wants to be a travel nurse because after being hired, the travel nurse will be protected by health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and also basic insurance.

4. Trustaff

Trustaff is an agency travel nurse located in Ohio, this agency has 15 years of experience. The Trustaff network covers all of the United States, GUAM, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Trustaff offers a competitive salary, including paid leave. Coupled with weekly benefits including housing costs, licensing fees and bonus awards for reference and also assignment renewal.

5. Travel Nurse Across America

The Nurse travel agency is headquartered in Arkansas, for almost over a period of 19 years the agency has sought cooperation in 51 U.S. states. Travel Nurse Across America already has a joint Commission certificate.

If you want to become a travel nurse through this agency, you will get a variety of interesting compensation, including the salary is attractive, the agency covers travel costs, renewal of licenses, getting certified and also a good education. In addition, you also get a variety of insurance that provides guarantees for you as a travel nurse.

Hopefully, the information about this best travel nurse agency can provide you with useful information, and you can find the right agency that works for you. Thank.

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