Acne Pillowcase

Acne is indeed one of the skin health disorders that are often experienced by most people, both men, and women. These pimples can appear on any part of the body. Starting from the face, chest, the back. But it can be said, the face becomes the part of the body that most often appears as acne. "Acne Pillowcase" this time is an interesting discussion related to acne.

Acne Pillowcase
Acne pillowcase (Picture:

Why can acne be connected to pillowcases? This is because the first cause of acne on the cheeks can come from the use of dirty void gloves. Dead skin cells, dirt, and residual makeup that remain can easily stick to pillowcases and bed linen.

Can Pillowcase Cause Acne?

From several references submitted by dermatologists, it is often reminded of the importance of diligently changing pillowcases. Because pillowcases that are not clean can cause acne.

Pillowcases are very influential on skin health. Rough, unreplaced, and dirty pillowcases can trigger acne, especially for Acne Prone Skin skin that requires extra attention.

Acne-prone skin is a condition when oily skin experiences problems and is prone to breakouts caused by bacteria or clogged pores.

When the pillowcases we use are not routinely washed or replaced, piles of dirt and oil can stick to the skin. Ultimately, this can clog pores and cause acne.

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Therefore, do it regularly and change bed linen at least once every two weeks. In addition, choose cotton bed linen that can absorb sweat and oil on the face, so as not to cause acne on the cheeks.

However, not everyone will have this problem. It is caused by the sensitivity factor of each person's skin. In principle, acne can be because using a rough pillowcase there is friction and the patient is acne-prone skin so acne-prone acne is easy to occur.

Several steps can be done, including:

  • First, you should use a soft material so that it is not easily spotty.
  • Secondly to always maintain cleanliness.

Therefore, choose a pillow that is smooth and safe for the skin and helps absorption in the skin. In addition, it also meets skin needs with skincare and maintaining a diet, it is also mandatory to perfect it with beauty tools that play a role in maintaining skin health.

What Pillowcase Is Best For Acne?

This discussion is indeed interesting, of course, prevention is better than cure is the main idea this time, including what pillowcase is best for acne.

Silk pillowcases are said to be able to remove wrinkles, clean acne, smooth tangled hair, and prevent split ends.

According to Austin, United States-based dermatologist Adam Mamelak, silk pillowcases don't absorb much moisture compared to cotton pillowcases. This condition helps prevent irritants from touching the skin while sleeping. Although silk pillowcases help prevent acne, silk pillowcases work better to supplement skincare with cleansers and more effective topical treatments

There are several advantages of silk pillowcases, including:

  1. Skin is more hydrated.
  2. Silk pillowcases are great for sensitive skin.

Although silk pillowcases are less absorbent than cotton pillowcases, they still need to wash regularly. Try to wash it at least twice a week, so that the remaining oil does not contribute to the appearance of acne or additional bursts of acne

In addition, be sure to choose detergents. If you have sensitive skin or are generally prone to breakouts, you should also check the type of detergent or dryer you may be using.

Hopefully, this information about "Acne Pillowcase" will be useful for you.

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