Height of Coffee Table

A coffee table is a table that can be used as a sweetener for home interior design. Of course, before buying a coffee table you must know the price, model, raw materials, and size of the coffee table, including the height of the coffee table.

Height Of Coffee Table
Coffee table (Picture: foter.com)

The coffee table can be placed in the kitchen to make it more attractive, it can also be placed in the living room. Guests who come such as family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else can be served drinks and snacks at the coffee table.

Average Height Of Coffee Table

In general, the size of the coffee table is adjusted to the needs of each home. For example, if the coffee table you want to buy uses a small chair for seating.

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Although you can order a table specifically, those of you who have already come to the furniture store can consider some of the following recommendations for the right coffee table size;

  • Small box size; height 35 cm, width 75 cm, and length 100 cm.
  • Large box size; height 48 cm, width 100 cm, and length 130 cm.
  • Small circle size; height 50 cm and diameter 150 cm.
  • Mini size of the box; height 48 cm, width 50 cm, and length 70 cm.
  • Large table size circle; height 70 cm and diameter 150 cm.

According to Editor-at-large Domainehome.com, Estee Stanley has an easy way of choosing the right coffee table for your home. According to Stanley, fans of modern aesthetics usually opt for smaller coffee tables. Meanwhile, fans of classic-style design prefer oversized tables.

However, whatever your choice, both can "work" well inside the guest house. Only, the condition and the size must be right. "The width can vary according to your taste and the layout of the room, but from an aesthetic perspective, the length of your coffee table should be between 10 inches (25cm) to 18 inches (45cm) shorter than each end of your couch. So, if you have a sofa with a standard length of 87 inches (220cm), look for a coffee table measuring between 51 to 57 inches (about 129cm to 144cm)."

Hopefully, the information about the height of coffee table is useful for you.

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