Herbal Coffee

Coffee, of course, remains coffee with all its forms and variations. Now there is coffee for health, namely herbal coffee which has properties for health. Everyone knows that herbal plants are indeed believed to be efficacious for health. And from time to time it turns out that this herbal plant has been processed with coffee into a drink that is enjoyed every day. Interested in this plant that is processed with coffee? Read this review.

herbal coffee
Herbal coffee (Picture: nittygrittylife.com)

In Africa and Middle Eastern countries, coffee brewed with a variety of herbs has become a must-drink enjoyed for generations. This spice, which is believed to make the body healthier and has the effect of pumping stamina, is enjoyed with coffee every day.

Herba Coffee

Currently, herbal coffee can be enjoyed all over the world in various ways and recipes. Even in Old Delhi, India there is spice coffee. Their coffee is cooked with cow's milk and some herbs. These include cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and cardamom. It? It was such a complex warm and delicious taste. At first glance, it tastes similar to a spiced drink but there is a strong and concentrated coffee touch.

Herbal coffee or commonly referred to as spice coffee is believed to be able to boost the immune system and protect the body from diseases. For example, flu, influenza, cough, and others.

In addition to the spiced coffee above, there is coffee called chicory coffee. Edited from healthline.com, chicory coffee is a drink made using the roots of the chicory plant that is brewed like coffee. Previously this plant is pre-roasted with a certain degree of ripeness so that it tastes delicious when brewing.

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Chicory itself is a flowering plant, which has roots and still belongs to the dandelion family. The plant is characterized by a hard, hairy stem and has light purple flowers and leaves. Generally, chicory is used as a salad mixture. Chicory grows in the wild with the Latin name Cichorium Intybus which does have properties and has been used as herbal medicine since ancient times.

Even during the Civil War that occurred in several areas of the United States, chicory coffee was already brewed in New Orleans. At that time there was a coffee crisis and one of the ports where goods entered, one of which was coffee, was blockaded, so chicory coffee was used as a temporary substitute for coffee.

According to some people who are addicted to this drink, chicory coffee has a taste somewhat similar to coffee. With taste characteristics that are woody and nutty at first glance. That's why many consume this drink because, in addition to being delicious and coffee-like, it also contains no caffeine.

The way to brew it is also the same as brewing coffee. It can be done with a manual brewing tool and can also be mixed with milk if you like. In addition, chicory coffee has many health benefits. One of them is to prevent cholesterol buildup, provide good fiber content for digestion and maximize liver function.

So interested in trying herbal coffee? Hopefully, a little information about the types and varieties of coffee is useful and can be a reference for you.

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