Herringbone Coffee Table

Many times, many people think that a table only acts as a complement to a chair or sofa. The presence of this one piece of furniture is very important and needs special attention like when you buy other furniture because it can have a very significant impact on a room. Similarly, when looking for living room design inspiration, one piece of furniture that should be recommended is a coffee table. And an interesting coffee table to choose from, namely the Herringbone coffee table.

Quoted from Interiors Place, every living room must have a coffee table even though the room is small. Because, the coffee table is a functional decoration for placing drinks, food, magazines, TV remotes, and other decorative objects. The coffee table became one of the most important pieces of furniture for the living room. Having the right coffee table can make the room feel more attractive and comfortable.

Herringbone Coffee Tables

What is a "herringbone"? Herringbone is a motif composed of a set of rectangles or parallelogram shapes that then form an orderly zig-zag pattern. As the name implies, the herringbone motif has almost the same arrangement as the structure of herringbones which are the main food for predatory fish in the open sea with their bright silver characteristics.

The herringbone pattern is in practice applied with the shape of a rectangular arrangement used for floor tiles and street pavements, so named because of the imagined resemblance to herring-like fish bones. Blocks can be rectangular or parallelograms.

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Although it is often used as a floor tile but with its attractive motif, makes this herringbone pattern suitable for application on coffee tables. Even the popularity of the "herringbone" wood motif skyrocketed because it was unique and added texture to a room.

This motif is usually used as an alternative to wooden floors because it has a classic accent but is timeless. This herringbone wood motif can be applied to the coffee table. This is one of the tricks to create a different feel in the living room.

There are several examples of coffee tables that use this herringbone motif, including:

  • Herringbone wood coffee table.

Herringbone wood coffee table
Picture: walmart.com

  • Herringbone wooden coffee table.

Herringbone wooden coffee table
Picture: custommade.com

  • Round herringbone coffee table.

Round herringbone coffee table.
Picture: etsy.com

Hopefully, this information about the "Herringbone coffee table" will be additional information for you.

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