Hidden Compartment Coffee Table

The living table is one of the common pieces of furniture in every living room. There are various guest table innovations with different designs and materials. In addition to functioning as a table, some guest tables are also equipped with hidden compartment coffee tables that can be used to store various objects. This will make it easier for you to organize the room and have more storage.

Minimalist guest tables are now in great demand because they are flexible. The products are no longer large, ornamented, and heavy, like traditional tables. The modern minimalist concept makes this table adaptable in all situations. The material also varies. The combination of wood and iron can be used to bring aesthetics and function together.

Hidden Storage Coffee Table

A guest table that is too high and long will certainly be less comfortable to look at. As a guideline, look for a table that is parallel to the seat or sofa seat. In addition to height, the length of the table also needs to be considered. Make sure the length of the product you choose does not exceed the length of the chair or sofa. Give a difference of at least 30 cm to 50 cm so that your living room does not look crowded.

Hidden Compartment Coffee Table
Picture: wohnnatur.de

A minimalist guest table does not mean minimal function. You can choose products that have other functions. Some guest tables are given compartments that can be used to store important items. That way, you don't have to go back and forth to pick up the goods and return them to their place again. In addition, the finished guest table always looks neat.

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The shape of this compartment can vary from product to product. Choose a compartment model that suits your needs. In addition, what should be seen is the maximum load that the table and its compartments can support.

Hidden Compartment Tables

Nowadays, there have begun to be many models of coffee tables, which are similar to school desks in the past, except that they come in a modern look. Under the table, there is a compartment that is divided into three parts, that is, the first compartment is a drawer that can be pulled, while the other two are just space.

Hidden Compartment Tables
Picture: familyhandyman.com

There are various models of living room tables that you can buy on the market. You can match it with the design of your home. In addition, it would be great if your desk has more than one function. In addition to functioning as a table in general, it also functions as a storage area. Hopefully, this information about the hidden compartment coffee table is useful for you.

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