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What's behind the enjoyment of a cup of coffee? Of course, there is a process that must be done to be able to make coffee beans into delicious coffee that is very much loved by coffee lovers. One of them is roasting coffee which is the process of cooking coffee. Roasting is the process of removing the water in the coffee, drying and developing the beans, and reducing the weight of giving the coffee aroma. One of the coffee tools that is currently very helpful in posing coffee is the "Hottop Coffee Roaster".

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In the process of roasting coffee, when coffee is cooked there is a chemical reaction that accompanies it so that the character of the coffee beans changes. The longer the coffee beans are cooked, the more chemicals change their characteristics. When the coffee is roasted, it turns brown. Therefore, if the coffee beans are darker in color, it means they are roasted longer. But after all, roasting coffee beans is not a simple thing, it is as simple as putting them in a grill and then roasting them. Coffee beans will produce different coffees when roasted at different temperatures, even though the result is the same color because the technique of roasting coffee is an art.

Best Coffee Roaster in The World

Several references will give you information about this coffee roaster machine, one of which is the Hottop Coffee Roaster type KN-8828B-2K which is abbreviated under the name "HCR". This roaster machine produced by Chang Yue company from Taiwan offers the advantages of a manual roasting machine. Electronic features through its digital display will take users to an advanced stage through the creation of optimum roasting characteristics.

The weight of this roaster machine is only about 9 kilograms. Inside the cardboard box, there is a roaster machine unit with a shiny stainless color equipped with an instruction manual, a heat protection grill, a funnel for putting coffee into the chamber, and an additional filter.

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On the front, there is a heat-resistant glass display that allows us to see the discoloration of coffee beans during roasting. And just below it is a shaft collector that must be routinely cleaned every time it finishes or during the roasting process according to the instructions listed on the electronic display. The Cooling Tray with a diameter of 25cm will rotate for five minutes for cooling with the help of a fan that sucks hot air at the bottom. The rotation of the cooling tray is not in the same direction but in both directions for 2.5 minutes each.

Best Coffee Roaster in The World
Hottop Coffee Roaster (Picture:

In manual mode, which is an excellent feature of HCR, several things can be adjusted, namely three important factors in roasting, namely: temperature, time, and ventilation which are regulated with fan intensity, all of which can be set on the electronic panel. This can be divided into 8 stages, for example in the 1st stage the user can set the temperature at 120 degrees with a time of 2 minutes and the fan at "0" and so on until the 8th stage.

Note that the maximum time at each stage is only 3 minutes so the longest roasting process is 24 minutes.

In manual mode, HCR users are given the freedom to set up these three components and create a roasting profile that suits their taste. A very interesting experiment in understanding the behavior of coffee beans in their correlation with these three factors.

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Hottop provides facilities for people who still do not have the desire to explore the variables of the roasting process such as temperature, airflow regulation, or how long it is "right".

Hottop has been kind enough to provide a rescue button, the Auto system. This smart machine will only give two commands: input and output. The coffee beans of course.

The most interesting part is of course the roasting room covered with glass until the discoloration of coffee beans can be seen. Then at the top, there are two filters including the back. Coffee beans are inserted at the top with the availability of panels so that coffee can go directly to the drum easily.

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Because it produces high heat, the left and right parts of the Hottop are installed with safety fences to protect the touch of the limbs directly with the engine.

When it is first turned on, Hottop will immediately select the Auto function with two final temperature variables at 201 degrees Celsius and a roasting time of 18 minutes. But there is no need to be afraid because the engine still allows changing these two important parameters according to taste.

So even though the name is Auto, while the roasting is being done, the user can change the target temperature, the level of tightness of the fan (scale 1 to 10) to dispel the smoke in the drum, the level of heat (heating elements), and the desired time.

Furthermore, there are three manual modes, Ad1, Ad2, and Ad3 and we just need to fill in the target temperature numbers and the length of roasting time. Yes, only those two things can be arranged at the time they will be put into operation. Then how to adjust the room temperature (heat) and the power of the fan to adjust ventilation if it cannot be determined when the roasting will start?

Curious about "Hottop Coffee Roaster"? Hopefully, this information will be useful and become a reference for you about the best coffee roasting machines.

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