How To Get Rid Of Butt Acne

Acne can arise at any time in all age ranges. Information about acne, often in the form of "myths" circulating in the community, product advertisements circulating, following the advice of friends, magazines, or popular public social media. Acne can arise on the face, chest, and back according to the area of distribution of sebum-producing sebum sebaceous glands. Among the types of acne that are quite annoying, namely pimples on the buttocks that make you feel uncomfortable. For that, how to get rid of butt acne will be discussed below.

How To Get Rid Of Butt Acne
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Acne usually appears on the face and this is already very annoying. However, sometimes acne appears on the buttocks. And what often happens talking about the problem of acne in the buttocks area may feel embarrassing for some people. The buttocks are rarely seen, but acne can make you uncomfortable and will interfere with your appearance when you want to wear a cute swimsuit while on vacation at the beach.

How To Get Rid Of Butt Acne Fast

Acne on the buttocks is a common skin problem. Joshua Zeichner, MD, a director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC, explains about buttock acne in Women's Health:

Buttocks acne is usually not really acne, but folliculitis, which is a mild infection of the hair follicles that causes red bumps and festering pimples."

Quoting Byrdie, dermatologist, and CEO of Curology David Lortscher, MD, stated that the cause of acne on the buttocks is very similar to back and facial acne. According to him, buttocks acne is caused by the following things.

  1. Genetics. Genetically, some people are indeed more prone to the appearance of acne than others. Therefore, people who are prone to acne must be diligent in maintaining skin hygiene as well as body and mind health.
  2. Stress. This is a common trigger of the arrival of acne. Being able to balance the mood and calm the mind is the best all-around treatment.
  3. Diet. Foods high in sugar and milk content are often associated with acne. Focus on eating green leafy vegetables, fruits, and other non-processed foods to prevent acne.
  4. Hormonal fluctuations. Changes in androgen hormones, such as those that occur in the menstrual cycle, can trigger the oil glands to produce excess oil on the skin.
  5. Sweat. Dirt, dust, and oil can stick to sweaty skin that is not cleaned immediately. An environment with high humidity can encourage acne-causing bacteria to develop.
  6. Wear tight clothing. Folliculitis is often caused by friction or irritation. As with the habit of sitting for too long, wearing frequent tights can also cause friction on the skin while trapping sweat and oil, making it more likely to clog pores.

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As for how to get rid of buttocks acne, as follows:

1. Take a Shower Immediately After Exercising

The sweat and oil produced after exercise can create humid conditions that encourage bacteria to multiply.

Citing Women's Health, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, recommends taking a shower right away or at least rinsing quickly after exercise to help remove sweat, oil, and dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the skin for too long.

2. Change Panties Regularly

Do you often wear the same panties all day? From now on, avoid this sordid habit if you don't want to develop pimples on your buttocks.

3. Smear with Acne Smear Medicine

In addition to using an antibacterial body wash, you can also combat pimples on your buttocks by applying acne medicine containing salicylic acid after bathing, which helps exfoliate dead skin cells.

4. Use Breathable Clothing

When exercising, you should use types of clothing materials that can breathe and absorb sweat well, for example, such as dry fit, cotton, microfiber, and synthetic materials.

The key is to keep the back area clean.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Your Buttocks

Every woman wants to have smooth buttock skin so that she can appear more confident, especially in front of her partner. Looking at the skin of the buttocks that have acne and black patches, will make you feel uncomfortable.

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After knowing what are the causes that can trigger the appearance of black spots on the buttocks, then you can start to do a new habit to prevent black spots from appearing on your buttocks in the following ways.

1. Choose the right panties' fabric material and avoid using tights!

Start by using the right pants fabric material. Avoid using tight pants and fabrics made from 100% spandex. You are better off using cotton panties or you can still use a material that is mixed between cotton and spandex. Also, avoid the habit of wearing tight jeans so that your skin can breathe better.

2. Overcome excessive sweating in your buttocks area to keep your buttock skin dry and fresh.

Sweat that merges with dead skin cells and is retained in the skin follicles will trigger the emergence of red spot-shaped prickly heat that over time will become acne on your buttocks. Therefore, you must anticipate excessive sweating in your buttocks area. You can use an antiperspirant to prevent red spots. Use it 20 minutes before you put on your pants and do activities. Or, if you feel that your buttocks are starting to sweat you can use a tissue to dry the area of your buttocks.

3. Make sure the buttocks area is always dry so that bacteria and fungi do not appear easily.

In addition to being dry from sweat, you also have to make sure the area of your buttocks is dry from the water rinse after you relieve yourself. You can use a tissue or a soft towel to dry the skin of your buttocks. Don't let it get wet and immediately covered by pants because it can cause your skin to become moist and trigger bacteria to appear.

4. Exfoliate the skin area of your buttocks with a scrub or scrub regularly!

Not only the face, but your buttocks also need to be exfoliated regularly to remove dead skin cells that can trigger black spots. You can try to start using peeling regularly with glycolic acid or salicylic acid or body scrubs that are widely sold in supermarkets. For those of you who want to try natural ingredients, you can mix lemon or lime juice with granulated sugar and use it as a scrub. Lemon or lime contains high vitamin C which is very powerful for removing dark spots on the skin.

5. Routinely use a natural mask to remove dark spots on the skin of your buttocks

To remove the appearance of black spots on your buttocks, you can use a mixture of turmeric, lemon, and yogurt powder, you know. These three ingredients are anti¬-inflamatory¬ ingredients and are great for preventing and killing bacteria that cause acne.  It's easy for you to just mix the three ingredients in a ratio of 2:1:2. Mix thoroughly and form a paste then spread it over the entire area of your buttocks evenly. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water until clean. Then, dry until completely dry before you use your panties.

Hopefully, the information about "how to get rid of butt acne" is useful and becomes a reference for you on how to get rid of acne.

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