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There is one interesting thing about the food business that today is certainly very helpful for anyone, both sellers and buyers. What kind of business is it? Yes, the food business or what is commonly called a food truck.  The food truck business is a type of business in the culinary industry that sells its menu using a vehicle. This vehicle has been decorated as attractively as possible so that it can be used to prepare food and also serve it to customers. One type of food truck that is currently known, namely the "Local 215 Food Truck".

Local 215 Food Truck
Local 215 Food Truck (Picture: philly.eater.com)

This type of business is quite attractive to many enthusiasts, especially to those who are still young, why? Because this business is indeed suitable to be run by young people today who still have high morale.

Foodtruck is a type of business engaged in the food and beverage sector whose all operational activities include preparation or cooking, serving, and sales carried out in a large vehicle. The development of food trucks itself occurs due to the growing trend in various major cities.

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More interested in food trucks? Local 215 is a truck, owned by Eric Zolodessy, Alex Buckner, and Jon Murphy, who are dedicated to using as many sustainable ingredients as possible, including breaking down the whole pig itself.

There are several delicious menus on offer, such as crispy polenta triangles topped with a choice of pork belly, seasonal vegetables, or torch cheese; pork fritters with remoulade; and roasted corn salad with heirloom tomatoes. And also a roasted pork shoulder sandwich with apple and cabbage paws, a crispy polenta triangle topped with pork belly, cheese, or vegetables, and a pretzel of apple cider sugar rolls.

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Local 215 will be a "food truck for foodies," serving a variety of dishes with ingredients sourced from the city and surrounding area.

Local 215

As a food provider, Local 215 is committed to sourcing as many local ingredients as possible while still providing affordable, high-quality food options throughout the year. It is the mission of Local 215 to extend only fresh, most natural, and unprocessed food to our customers. Buying from local farmers doesn't just make for a delicious dish; and also supports the livelihoods of our neighbors. 

It also fosters local businesses as a cooperative responsibility, not only for the community but also for our environment.  This dedication to good food and good business is at the heart of the philosophy of Local 215.

Hopefully, the information about "Local 215 Food Truck" adds to your information about local food and street culinary references.

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