Twin Cities Local Food

Something is interesting this time, of course, about how to create the best market for agricultural products that people need to get fresh and healthy food. Not only about providing the fulfillment of community needs, but also the creation of markets for farmers, the "Twin Cities Local Food" is a solution to overcome these needs, which aims to create an online market for agricultural fresh food.

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According to Josh Kelly of Twin Cities Local Food, the program was deliberately created to connect farmers with customers in a unique way, namely playing as a middleman. This is what made Kelly leave her world of the corporate world and began to pursue her dreams and hopes by providing healthy and fresh food for the local community. In addition, the program is intended to provide access at any time to food already grown and produced locally.

Best Food in Twin Cities

There are several products sold or provided under this program, such as fresh produce, meat and poultry, eggs, honey, syrup, milk, grains, and preserved foods.

With those best products in place, Kely, Natalie, his wife, hope they'll be great business partners, and they want to keep orders rolling.

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With the "Twin Cities Local Food" model, farmers and producers of other goods, such as honey and maple syrup benefit because they can directly market, sell, and package their products, but skip distribution. Customers can order online each week and then pick up their food at any of the company's delivery sites at locations, such as South Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eagan, and Osseo.

Advantages of the "Twin Cities Local Food" Program

It can be admitted that for every program created there must be advantages and disadvantages. However, in this program, farmers benefit from being able to directly market, sell and package their products, and interestingly, customers can order online every week as needed and pick up the food at a location in South Minneapolis.

According to Kelly, this type of marketing is a different, yet indispensable model. People are busy and sometimes they just want the convenience of easy shopping for local food online and pick it up easily.

Hopefully, this information about "Twin Cities Local Food" is useful and can be a reference for those of you who want to find healthy and fresh food.

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