Best Facials For Acne

Facials are one of the common skin treatments performed in salons or beauty clinics. The benefits of this treatment are believed to be effective in preventing certain skin problems, such as acne and blackheads. However, you should also know about the best facials for acne, so that you don't get it wrong in taking care of the face.

Various ways are done to make the face look clean. Facials are one of the treatments that are often an option. However, there are many pros and cons regarding facials when the skin is acne-prone. Some say acne facial is okay, some forbid it.

Best Facial For Acne

Facials are a series of actions that are performed to take care of the face as a whole. Generally, facials consist of massage, facial cleansing with scrubs, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion (exfoliation), blackhead extraction, and end with the administration of a face mask tailored to the patient's skin.

Facial procedures are very diverse and depend on each beauty clinic you go to. Usually, the ingredients used in facials are tailored to the type of skin you have. For example, for acne-prone skin, facials can be combined with chemical peeling using salicylic acid.

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The acne-prone facial procedure or called acne-prone skin has many benefits. The process of extracting or removing blackheads during facials can lower the risk of growing new acne from blackheads on your face. In addition, giving special masks at the end of the action, such as tea tree masks or lemon masks, can help reduce P. Acnes bacteria that are the cause of acne.

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However, information regarding facials when skin breakouts is still a matter of debate. So what is the truth? From a medical perspective, facials are okay to do when the face is having acne. However, what should not be done is the extraction process of acne that is inflamed.

In simple terms, acne extraction is the process of removing liquid or filling acne with a special tool (breaking acne). When acne is inflamed, this procedure should be avoided as it can result in infection and pockmarks on your facial skin.

Therefore, facials are allowed when you are spotty, but it depends on the type and how much acne is on your face. If the acne on the face is only one-two then you can still do a facial with a little acne. With a note, do not extract acne that is inflamed.

However, if the acne you have is of the papulopustular type and attacks in large quantities, and almost all of them are inflamed, then you are not recommended to do a facial.

Hopefully, this information about "best facials for acne" is useful and will be your reference for skin and facial care.

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