Good Face Masks For Acne

Everyone must have experienced a skin condition with acne. There are all sorts of factors that cause acne-prone skin. Starting from hormones, pollution exposure, and lifestyle, to the use of masks during the pandemic. As much as possible, do not squeeze acne that is still inflamed because it can cause skin hyperpigmentation. As a solution, you can use good face masks for acne.

Everyone has a different skin type. Generally, people with acne-prone skin, tend to have an oily skin type. It also does not rule out the possibility of happening to those who have dry skin but still have acne. To reduce such risks, you need a recommended face mask for acne-prone skin.

Best Face Masks For Acne And Sensitive Skin

Before that, it is also necessary to know that acne can be triggered by factors from inside and outside the body. Factors from within can come from hormones, especially in women who tend to be familiar with the term hormonal acne. Where acne will appear before the menstrual period.

As for external factors, acne can be triggered by the food consumed. Therefore, healthy food will also affect skin health. You also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the face from the attack of dust and dirt that sticks, as an initial factor in the appearance of acne.

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To prevent and deal with it, here are recommendations for face masks for acne-prone skin. It should also be noted that the ingredients in it must be safe for your skin, considering that not all masks are suitable for everyone's skin.

1. My Beauty Diary

The face mask "My Beauty Diary" is a mask produced by Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Taiwan. "My Beauty Diary" masks have also been marketed in 14 countries with an annual production of around 300 million masks, this sales figure is still growing, especially in the Japanese and United States markets.

Good Face Masks For Acne
My Beauty Diary (Picture:

On the Japanese online shopping platform @Cosme, the product "My Beauty Diary" is often the subject of discussion and recommended by its users, within 9 months the sale of this mask product managed to occupy the first position on the platform. One of the "My Beauty Diary" products, namely Duo Bright Black Pearl EX+ which can moisturize and whiten facial skin, was successfully selected as the official gift for guests in the "MTV Movie & TV Awards". This is the first time that MTV has chosen Taiwan products as a gift and the only skin care product that has been successfully selected.

2. Timeless Truth Mask

Face masks under the brand "Timeless Truth Mask" have successfully conquered the shopping center of the French socialites "Le Bon Marché". And for 3 years in a row, this brand of face masks has won prestigious awards in the field of beauty products from the UK.

Best Face Masks For Acne And Sensitive Skin
Timeless Truth Mask (Picture:

Today "Timeless Truth Mask" has become available in the shopping center "Manor" in Switzerland, as well as in the European, American, and Southeast Asian markets.

3. Acnes - Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask

Acnes is a beauty brand that has been known to be friendly to acne-prone skin. Almost all of its products are specifically for acne-prone skin.

best face masks for acne cheap
Acnes - Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask (Picture:

One of them is the Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask. This face mask is very beneficial for oily skin and acne. Where the content of tea tree oil is known to be effective in dealing with acne problems.

4. AXIS-Y - Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash-Off Pack

This AXIS-Y product uses the properties contained in Mugwort. Please note that three main compositions guarantee the benefits of this wash-off mask.

best face masks for acne dermatologist
AXIS-Y - Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash-Off Pack (Picture:

Among them, is Artemisia Princeps which contains mugwort. Its benefits are anti-inflammatory and can speed recovery when the skin is inflamed.

Next is Phaseolus Angularis, namely Seed Powder or Adzuki Bean. It is useful for exfoliating the skin. Through the process of exfoliating the skin, of course, dead skin will be lifted. That way, the skin will be smoother and softer.

Last but not least is Houttuynia Cordata or Heartleaf Extract. It is useful to balance the oil content on the face while helping skin regeneration.

5. Skintific - Mugwort Mask Anti Pores & Acne Clay Mask

Recently, the skincare brand Skintific has begun to surface and is widely looked at by skincare experts. One of them is this product. None other than Mugwort Mask Anti Pores & Acne Clay Mask.

can you use a face mask with acne
Skintific - Mugwort Mask Anti Pores & Acne Clay Mask (Picture:

As the name implies, this wash-off mask is useful for disguising pores and overcoming acne on the face. Mugwort content is useful for anti-inflammation and anti-irritant.

Therefore, this product is suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, this product claims to improve the condition of the skin barrier within two weeks of use, including the effect of delaying aging on the skin.

Hopefully, this information about "good face masks for acne" is useful for those of you who are serious about caring for your skin.

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