Handmade Coffee Mugs

Black coffee is one of the essential coffee menus that is often served, both at home and in cafes. In each cup of black coffee, you will be able to taste the taste of the whole coffee without any other ingredients, such as milk and chocolate. If you're a coffee lover, you'll never have just one cup of coffee. A good mug for drinking coffee will make you feel at home and comfortable - even in the office. It's not just a boring piece of ceramic, these days, a mug can be a work of art that thing shows the owner's personalized taste. For this reason, coffee lovers often order special coffee cups, such as handmade coffee mugs.

Creativity can indeed give birth to many things, one of which is the coffee cup in infinite art. For coffee connoisseurs, coffee cups are the closest thing in the morning or evening. This coffee cup accompanies you at work or relax. However, most people don't care about the design of the coffee cup they have. Although most coffee lovers only focus on the enjoyment of coffee, they also pay attention to the beauty of coffee cups.

Custom Coffee Mugs With Pictures

Coffee mugs are objects that are often used by coffee lovers. With the development of the times, some people start to be able to make or give screen printing/images to mugs, and then the mugs are sold at a higher price than ordinary mugs.

Handmade Coffee Mugs
Picture: etsy.com

Curious to make a custom coffee mug with pictures? Here are the process and materials needed to make the custom coffee mug.

The ingredients needed include:

  • The image or design you want to print into the mug.
  • Any printer with sublime ink.
  • Sublime paper.
  • Mug heat press machine.
  • Sticker vinyl.

How to make custom coffee mugs include:

  1. Create a mug design or image with photoshop, adobe illustrator, or Corel draw. The size itself generally ranges from 8x20 Cm with an image resolution of 3 px/cm.
  2. Print the image with a printer and sublime ink. Use the "mirror image" feature for better results.
  3. Crop the image with scissors/cutter!
  4. Paste the image by the way the side of the image is attached to the surface of the mug!
  5. Use vinyl stickers to glue the image!
  6. Put the mug into the heat press at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for 150 seconds!
  7. If you have, remove the mug from the machine and remove the paper attached to the mug!
  8. The image on the mug can already be seen and pasted on the mug.

Although it looks easy & fast, several things must be considered, such as mug quality, paper quality, & sublime ink quality. In addition, the wrong process will also affect the quality of the mugs that have been made.

Some of the common mistakes are:

  1. Imperfect printout. This is usually because the heating process is not long, the heat generated is less, or the press on the mug is too loose.
  2. Charred printout. This is usually due to overheating or too high a temperature.
  3. Sticky paper on the surface of the mug. This is because the coating on the mug is not good.
  4. Blurry and faded prints. This is because the mug coating is too thin, try to make the mug coating process to the maximum.
  5. Mug screen printing peels off easily. This is because the coating on the mug is not strong, causing the screen printing to peel off.

Hopefully, this little information about "handmade coffee mugs" adds to your reference about the process of making your favorite coffee mugs.

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