Hario Iced Coffee Maker

Coffee is always interesting, many ways to make the day and atmosphere fun with just a cup of coffee. Even on a hot day, fresh iced coffee can bring you an atmosphere that becomes even more pleasant.  There is one interesting way to make coffee, namely making coffee in the form of iced coffee, and the process of making it using the "Hario Iced Coffee Maker". Using this tool, you will be helped quickly without waiting for a long time to make your favorite iced coffee.

There are many reasons why you should choose iced coffee, especially if you have indigestion, one of the reasons is that iced coffee is safer for people who have indigestion. In addition, the average cold coffee has a pH level of 6.31 as opposed to its hot version containing a pH of 5.48 — on the pH scale, the lower the number the more acidic the properties of the substance.

Hario Iced Coffee Maker
Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker (Picture: espressoplanet.com)

According to Joan Salge Blake, RD, a clinical associate at Boston University and author of Nutrition & You, as reported by Health, this means cold coffee could be a safer option to satisfy coffee cravings for people who are sensitive to caffeine or have digestive problems, such as an ulcer or gastric acid reflux (GERD).

Hario Cold Coffee Brewer

This time the theme of cold coffee became an interesting discussion, of course, still using Hario as a tool to create good coffee. One of the tools from Hario used is the Hario V60 Glass Iced, Coffee Maker.

This tool resembles a coffee chiller more, but at least it's the most sensible coffee-cooling device I've ever seen.

Interestingly, the Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker consists of 3 main components, all of which look transparent. A long chamber of resin to be filled with ice cubes, a dripper of glass for brewing, and a server to hold the steeping results which is also made of glass (heat resistant). Because all the materials are transparent, the brewing process can also be seen and enjoyed without any restrictions.

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To make good coffee from a Hario V60 glass iced coffee maker, there are necessary ingredients including:

  • 20 grams of coffee beans, ground to medium fine size or slightly finer than filtered coffee.
  • Ice cubes
  • Scale
  • Paper filter
  • Hot water, temperature below 80°C

How to brew:

  1. Moisten the paper filter with hot water to clean and remove the aroma of the paper on the filter.
  2. Install the chamber where the ice cubes are filled into the server.
  3. Put ice cubes in a long chamber.
  4. Install the preset dripper with a paper filter on it.
  5. Put the ground coffee grounds. Flatten. Don't forget to set the scale to zero points before starting the brewing process.
  6. Pour hot water slowly. The pouring system is similar to the general V60 pour-over method. In the first pouring, approximately 60 grams in 30 seconds, 120 grams in 60 seconds, and the rest are poured consistently.
  7. Stop when the water dose has reached approximately 400 – 420 grams.
  8. Remove the dripper and chamber ice cubes
  9. Pour the cooled coffee into a glass—it can be added with ice cubes again if you like.

Hopefully, this information about "Hario Iced Coffee Maker" will be useful for those of you who want to enjoy your favorite cold coffee with an easy and simple coffee tool.

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