Healthiest Coffee Creamer

Many people need a cup of coffee to concentrate before starting activities. To the point that the pleasure of coffee cannot be replaced with other drinks, especially if it is added with creamer. Not infrequently for some people coffee with creamer becomes a mandatory drink every day, which if not consumed can make the body restless. The need for this creamer makes many people look for information about the flavor-enhancing ingredients in this coffee, especially the healthiest coffee creamer.

Creamer is a type of additive to milk and coconut milk substitutes, but it is most popularly used as a coffee drink mixture. Adding it to dishes and processed drinks can create different taste sensations and more fragrant aromas, so it's no wonder that until now many have used it.

There are two types of creamers, namely dairy creamer (made from milk) and non-dairy (vegetable or non-dairy). The two have differences not only in terms of materials but also in terms of benefits even though they are the same uses. Non-dairy creamer is lower in calories, and more suitable for those who are on a diet program.

Healthiest Coffee Creamer Options

Launching from, 72% of people who consume coffee, enjoy their coffee with milk or non-dairy coffee creamer. Another 30 percent sweetened their coffee with sweeteners.

Non-dairy creamer or commonly called vegetable creamer is an additive to milk and coconut milk substitutes made from vegetable fats. Usually, this non-dairy creamer is used as a complement to drinks such as coffee.

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The texture of non-dairy creamer does resemble milk or dairy creamer, it's just that the difference is in terms of the ingredients that make it. Non-dairy creamer is made from hydrogenated vegetable oil (an emulsion of fat in water), then other ingredients are added as recommended, such as corn syrup. Therefore, it is not surprising that some creamer products can be found that there is already a sweet taste, so there is no need to add sugar anymore.

There are several benefits of plant-based creamers, namely:

1. Helps diet program because it is low in calories

Usually, people on a diet are more avoiding the addition of high-fat milk ingredients as well as coconut milk because the calories are quite high. One solution if you still want to enjoy it, is to replace it with low-fat products, for example, non-dairy creamers or plant-based creamers. The texture is very similar to coconut milk and milk, the taste is no less creamy and delicious when added to various processed foods and drinks. The calories of plant-based creamers are also fairly low, so there is no need to be afraid of getting fat as long as they are consumed in reasonable quantities.

2. Does not aggravate diabetes

Non-dairy creamer products are made from emulsions of hydrogenated vegetable oils and water, so they do not contain milk protein and lactose at all. In addition, the sugar itself is made from corn syrup. Because it is made from plant ingredients and corn sugar, the product tends to be safe for diabetics because it does not aggravate their condition.

For people who are on a healthy diet or diabetics, this non-dairy creamer product does not hurt if it is added to daily food or drinks as a flavor enhancer as well as the aroma. Moreover, including low fat and low sugar content, it is very safe to use for diabetics.

3. Provides additional taste and aroma

The benefit of plant-based creamers is that they provide additional flavor as well as aroma to food and drinks. This is because the addition of the creamer makes various processed finished dishes have a creamy, delicious texture, as well as strengthens the taste. It is usually used as a substitute for milk and coconut milk but in lower versions of fat and sugar.

4. Helps smooth the digestive system

Another non-dairy creamer benefit is that it helps launch the digestive system. Why is that? This is because plant-based creamer products are usually low in fat but rich in fiber, so they do not cause constipation because the need for fiber is met.

Many people turn to non-dairy creamer products like this because of these benefits, which are healthier and able to meet daily fiber needs. In contrast to milk and coconut milk which is one of the causes of constipation due to the low fiber content in it.

5. Can be used as whipping cream

The function of non-dairy creamer can not only be used as a substitute for coconut milk or milk to make various dishes. But it can also be used as a non-dairy whipping cream because it is lower in fat but still has a distinctive savory-sweet taste.

Healthy Coffee Creamer Powder

Powdered creamer is often added as a complement to a cup of coffee to make it taste more delicious. This complementary ingredient tends to have longer durability than liquid creamer and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Creamer powder is not easily soluble in cold water. So, hot water must first be added and stirred so that the composition can be perfectly mixed.

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Recommendations for powdered creamers to choose from include:

1. Laird Original Superfood Creamer

Laird Original Superfood Creamer is made from high-quality natural ingredients, namely coconut milk powder, organic coconut sugar, added organic coconut oil, and aquamin. This powdered creamer can add deliciousness to coffee.

Healthiest Coffee Creamer
Laird Original Superfood Creamer (Picture:

This creamer powder also does not contain flavorings, dyes, or artificial additives. In addition, there is no sugar content in corn syrup so you don't have to worry about calories.

2. Leaner Creamer Original

Leaner Creamer Original has a light and creamy buttercream flavor. This powdered creamer is made from natural coconut oil with a mixture of citrus Aurantium extract, hoodia, and green tea extract.

Healthiest Coffee Creamer Options
Leaner Creamer Original (Picture:

Interestingly, Leaner Creamer Original is free of gluten, sugar, lactose, and cholesterol so it is considered healthier. This powder creamer also does not use hydrogenated soybean oil, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial dyes and flavorings.

3. Nestle Coffee-mate Creamer

Nestle Coffee-mate Creamer is a cholesterol-free creamer powder specially formulated to add deliciousness to the taste of your coffee. This ground creamer makes coffee creamy, thicker, and less bitter.

Healthy Coffee Creamer Powder
Nestle Coffee-mate Creamer (Picture:

In addition, powdered creamer from Nestle does not contain lactose or gluten so coffee can be drunk comfortably.

Hopefully, this information about the healthiest coffee creamer is useful for you true coffee lovers.

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