Healthy Coffee Creamer

It's no secret, that coffee contains many benefits for the body to boost energy in the morning. Many people cannot be separated from coffee, because this coffee is not just a drink, but has become part of the lifestyle. Creamer is one of the additional ingredients that is often mixed with coffee. Unlike milk, creamer is a vegetable oil whose texture is close to cream, and its function is to disguise the bitter taste of black coffee to make it creamier. However, excessive consumption of creamer can certainly have an impact on health, for this reason, a healthy coffee creamer is needed so that coffee can be enjoyed without worrying about the negative effects of the creamer.

Reporting to Stack, on the market, there are many types of coffee creamers with a variety of flavors and compositions. Coffee without any mixture does have low calories, with a range of only 5 calories per cup. However, if it is added with a creamer, of course, calories will increase. Health experts conclude that this creamer is harmless, but it is not also a healthy coffee blend, therefore it is recommended to be consumed in reasonable portions.

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternative

Why does this creamer have enough hidden calories for every two teaspoons? Because most creamers are processed using a mixture of sugar, oil, and flavor enhancer ingredients to thicken the creamer.

Plus many coffee fans add creamer too much. For the recommendation, one cup of coffee is enough to use two teaspoons of creamer, with a range of about 40 calories, if using a low-fat creamer product.

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There are several other ingredients as delicious taste enhancers in creamer replacement coffee, including:

1. Coconut Milk

Besides being rich in iron and calcium, coconut milk is also lactose-free, so it is safe for consumption by people who have allergies.

Healthy Coffee Creamer
Coconut Milk (Picture:

This one ingredient can be the right substitute for creamer because it can create a thick coffee texture. The calorie content also tends to be lower than cow's milk, which is only 37 calories per tablespoon.

2. Almond milk

As reported by NME Fitness Training, we can replace the creamer with almond milk. Not only healthier, but almond milk also gives a savory taste and is perfect to combine with coffee.

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternative
Almond milk (Picture:

Just like coconut milk, almond milk is also rich in nutrients that are useful for strengthening bones, repairing muscles, and maintaining healthy vision. And the number of calories contained in it is minimal, only 5 calories per tablespoon.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used as an addition to coffee blends and also as a healthier option. Although the calorie content is almost the same as creamer, coconut oil contains various nutrients.

healthiest coffee creamer options
Coconut oil (Picture:

As reported by Healthline, coconut oil can help burn body fat and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

4. Butter

Adding butter to the coffee dish will make the taste of coffee even richer, with a touch of savory and creamy taste.

healthiest coffee creamer 2022
Butter (Picture:

 The fat content in butter will slow down the body's process of digesting caffeine, so it does not cause us to feel weak quickly.

Hopefully, this information about healthy coffee creamer is useful for you and can be a reference for you coffee lovers.

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