Inner Thigh Acne

Acne is one of the common skin problems. Usually, acne appears on the face area. The cause of acne on the facial area is usually caused by several factors such as heredity, hormones, lifestyle, and so on. However, some people often feel the presence of acne in other areas of the body besides the face, such as on the thighs. Of course, its existence makes the sufferer feel uncomfortable. Inner thigh acne can certainly cause pain, especially when you are doing activities.

Inner thigh acne
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The onset of acne on closed areas such as the thighs can certainly disturb the sufferer. Besides being able to damage the appearance, the thigh area is a moist area due to frequent sweating and closed areas when doing activities outside the home. Its appearance in this thigh area can be caused by insufficient skin moisture, causing dry and sensitive skin to certain products.

Acne Inner Thighs

Acne on the thigh area can certainly cause discomfort for the sufferer. This is because there is often friction or touch between acne and pants.

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Acne appearing on the thighs indicates that you are allergic to certain products, such as detergents or shaving creams. To solve the problem of acne in the area, you can change the detergent soap and wear looser pants.

Inner Thigh Acne Treatment

For convenience when doing daily activities, acne on the thighs must be treated immediately. Some natural ingredients that are safe for treating acne on the thighs and have no side effects include:

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very effective in stimulating hair growth to be healthy and dense. In addition, aloe vera is also quite helpful in repelling acne in areas of the body. Because it has benefits in overcoming acne, you can use aloe vera at night before going to bed. This is so that aloe vera sap does not stick to clothes.

  • Honey

Honey is a drink to increase a person's immune system and has proven to be quite effective in treating acne without side effects. Therefore, use honey by applying it on acne-prone areas of the body for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

  • Lemon Water

Lemon has a sour taste if consumed as a drink, so not infrequently lemon is often used for people who are on a diet. It turns out that lemon juice can also be used to cure acne. How clean it is also quite easy, use lemon juice and then apply it on the skin area that arises acne.

  • Tomato

Tomato is a fruit that can not only be used as a juice but can also be used as a complement to a dish. Finely treated tomatoes can be used as a mask for acne-prone areas. After that, wash off with clean water.

The four natural ingredients above are certainly very easy to get to treat acne. After the pimples on the thighs are patched, do not overuse tight clothing for a long time. In addition, lotions used to moisturize the skin on the whole body must also be considered for their content.

The existing lotion content can result in excess oil production. Thus causing blockages in the area of skin pores. This is certainly one of the causes of acne on the body. So, do not wait until new acne reappears, then prevention is carried out.

Hopefully, this information about "Inner thigh acne" will be useful to you.

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