Maracuja Oil Acne

Acne is a skin problem that occurs when the pores of the skin, precisely the hair follicles, are clogged with dirt, dust, oil, or dead skin cells. As a result, inflammation of the pores occurs and can also be accompanied by infection. Acne often appears on the face, neck, back, or chest. Of course, you are confused to overcome this stubborn acne, especially if all means have been done. Maybe you can try "Maracuja oil acne".

Maracuja Oil For Acne

Maracuja oil sounds very exotic. The name maracuja is Portuguese for a passion flower, an amazing flower with likes that you have never seen before. Maracuja oil is extracted from the seeds or flowers of the passion fruit plant.

There are several unique benefits of maracuja oil including improving sleep quality, relieving anxiety, calming sore muscles, and calming symptoms of respiratory conditions including asthma.

Maracuja oil acne
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But who would have thought that behind just fruit, maracuja oil also has benefits for beauty?

There are several miraculous beauty benefits of maracuja oil for acne, skin, hair, and others, including:

1. Fight Acne

Maracuja oil has high amounts of linoleic acid, which is seen in low amounts in those with oily and acne-prone skin. Low linoleic acid means thick, low-quality sebum that clogs pores and causes acne.

Add linoleic acid to your facial moisturizer, use it yourself as a face oil, or even make a face cream with it by combining a cup of shea butter with 2 tsp maracuja oil.

2. Increase Collagen Production

Maracuja oil contains Vitamin C which is known to increase collagen production. The level of collagen in our body decreases with age leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

How to do it: apply maracuja oil as a facial oil to help increase collagen production!

3. Reduces Sebum Secretion

The balancing effect of maracuja oil makes it good for dry skin and oily skin. If you have oily skin, maracuja oil helps reduce sebum secretion. It also has a non-greasy feeling when applied to the skin. For dry skin, maracuja oil has a calming and moisturizing effect.

4. Excellent Anti-Aging Properties

Maracuja oil should be in your beautiful kitchen if you want to get smoother, wrinkle-free skin. It contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids which perfectly nourish the skin cells and keep them plump. It also contains Vitamin C, which is one of the nutrients that does not contain much carrier oil. As we saw above, vitamin C promotes collagen production which makes the skin supple, firm, and smooth!

5. Repairs Sun-Damaged Skin

One of the best beauty benefits of maracuja oil is that it repairs sun-damaged skin! It contains calcium and phosphorus combined to enhance the appearance of your skin. The high content of vitamin C in maracuja oil promotes collagen production which repairs skin that looks dull, dark, and damaged by sunlight. You can add a few drops to your sunscreen before the app.

6. Soothes Skin Inflammation

Maracuja oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces any type of skin inflammation including those caused by eczema, psoriasis, acne, sunburn, and more. Apply on inflamed and red skin to relieve quickly.

7. Makes Skin Brighter

Want a radiant bright? Use maracuja oil, the vitamin C content in maracuja oil helps dissolve dead cells revealing new, brighter skin underneath.

8. Rejuvenating Night Facial Oil

If you don't use facial oil at night, then it's time for you to start it. Nighttime is important in skincare because this is when the skin repairs and regenerates itself. After removing makeup and cleansing the skin thoroughly at night, apply maracuja oil on your face and neck, then massage for a few minutes.

9. Improves Skin Elasticity & Texture

The nutrients in maracuja oil including Vitamin C, linoleic acid, Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus all work together and improve skin elasticity, tone and texture.

10. Antibacterial Properties

One of the known properties of maracuja oil is its powerful antibacterial properties. It fights bacteria that irritate the skin and worsen its condition of the skin. Apply on the affected area after cleaning the area. You can apply it to itchy scalp, acne-prone skin, keratosis pilaris, and other irritated areas of the skin.

How To Use Maracuja Oil On Hair

In addition to functioning to overcome acne, it turns out that Maracuja also has benefits for hair, including:

1. Soothes Dry Scalp

Suffering from a dry scalp? Use maracuja oil, to soothe dry scalp problems by moisturizing the skin and fighting itching.

You do this by mixing about 20 drops of maracuja oil in 2 tablespoons of shampoo and then applying it to the scalp.

2. Shiny Silky Hair

You can make a rejuvenating herb for shiny and silky hair by combining 3 teaspoons of maracuja oil with 6 teaspoons of sweet almond oil in a 1 oz glass drop bottle. Next, add 5 drops of neroli essential oil and 5 drops of Cananga essential oil – the most beautiful fragrant combination! Close the bottle tightly and roll it between your palms to gently mix the oil without causing air bubbles.

Then, apply a few drops on the length of the hair before combing the hair.

3. Reduce Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

As seen above, maracuja oil has strong antibacterial properties. Of course, this will make it great for disinfecting an itchy scalp. In addition, it also helps reduce dandruff.

How to do it: Use by combining 2 teaspoons of maracuja oil with 4 teaspoons of coconut oil and applying on the scalp. Leave for an hour on the scalp, then wash the hair, and shampoo it twice to remove all the oil.

Hopefully, this information about "Maracuja oil acne" is useful and becomes a reference for you.

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