Half Caff Coffee

Everyone has different reasons why they eventually decide to try coffee, then regularly enjoy it and for a long time are amazing. Most people need the caffeine contained in coffee. Caffeine as it is known for its miraculous power can energize, increase concentration and make us more focused. It also helps people to get up early and be more enthusiastic about activities. But with the development of coffee, and also the need came "Half Caff Coffee".

Half Caff Coffee
Half Caff Coffee (Picture: bestqualitycoffee.com)

Indeed, coffee dishes are getting more diverse day by day and make coffee lovers always curious. As we know that coffee does have caffeine in it, but it is different from decaf coffee which turns out to be the opposite of coffee in general.

Coffee Half Caff

What is half-caff coffee? Half caff coffee itself is a combination of coffee that contains caffeine with coffee that has almost no caffeine or with another name decaf coffee.

Half-caff coffee is served in the form of a house blend or espresso with a half-caff label. Half caff blend itself aims to reduce the level of caffeine content in coffee. Because some people don't like coffee that has high caffeine levels.

Some people choose half-caff because they want to still enjoy coffee with a caffeine effect that is not too high. Because decaf coffee almost eliminates the caffeine content in it. Therefore, the choice fell of half-caff coffee with a combination of decaf coffee and caffeinated coffee.

Not only in form of a house blend or espresso but half-caff can also be found in the form of a half-caff latte or with other names split-shot lattes. Whereas the caffe latte uses half-caff as its espresso.

Not only that, but we can also find half-caff in the form of an American with half-caff. If you visit abroad, you can find half-caff called split shot and a half and half.

Interesting isn't it? Hopefully, this information about "Half Caff Coffee" is useful for those of you who want to get the benefits of coffee with a caffeine effect that is not too high.

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