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Have a ritual of drinking black coffee in the morning? Have you ever imagined how coffee is grown, cared for, and processed until it becomes ground coffee and can eventually be served in a delicious cup of coffee?

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The whole coffee processing process is not as easy as the serving process. The coffee processing process is far from simple and takes a long time. The process by which coffee is grown to its processing requires special skills. Coffee lovers must understand that each coffee bean has its uniqueness. This is caused by various factors, but one thing is certain it all starts with the planting process.

Groundworks Coffee

Roasted coffee beans are known as roasted beans. This means that these coffee beans are ready to be ground and brewed and then enjoyed. Meanwhile, fresh coffee beans are known as a green beans. While coffee grounds are also called ground coffee.

There are several ways to make coffee. One of them is dripping coffee juice, either by putting coffee grounds into a coffee maker or pouring hot water on coffee grounds that have been placed on a filter made of paper or iron. With coarser coffee grounds, you can use a French Press. With this method, you can mix water with the pulp, stir and after cooking for a few minutes, use a plunger to press the pulp until it settles under the container.

If you prefer a strong coffee flavor like espresso coffee, you can also use the top of the espresso stovetop to cook your coffee. This method is a little more complicated to do, but once you master the art of cooking, you can enjoy a cup of espresso coffee that is rich in flavor and delicious whenever you can enjoy it.

Hopefully, this piece of information about "ground coffee" is useful and becomes additional information for you on how to make good coffee.

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