Guatemala Antigua Coffee

The Guatemala region in Central America is an area that is famous for its high-quality coffee production. Guatemala coffee is one of the highest quality coffees, which can also be found in famous cafes in various countries around the world. One of the best types of coffee from Guatemala is "Guatemala Antigua Coffee".

Guatemala Antigua Coffee
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Each coffee-producing region in Guatemala has different soil characteristics that also affect the production of coffee grown. Antigua, for example, is on the slopes of a volcano that is quite hot and rarely rains.

Antigua Guatemala Coffee

There are seven largest coffee-producing regions in Guatemala namely Antigua, Huehuetenango, Atitlan, Coban, New Oriente, Fraijanes, and San Marcos.

It can be said that Guatemalan coffee from Antigua is the most famous and widely marketed in the world, including in Indonesia.

What are the characteristics of Guatemalan Antigua coffee?

Antigua on the mountainside with a high volcanic content produces spicy and smoky flavored coffee. While the taste tends to be like chocolate and caramel.

Like other Guatemalan coffees, Antigua coffee also has citrus and floral aromas. The level of acid tends to be medium and tasty.

Based on information from, if you drink Guatemalan Antigua coffee, it feels full or heavy and thick in the mouth. So it is suitable for black coffee lovers.

In Antigua, there are several coffee plantations open to tourists. So you can go around the garden and taste the coffee brew.

One of the legendary coffee plantations in Antigua is called Finca la Azotea which has been operating since 1883.

Hopefully, the information on coffee, especially "Guatemala Antigua Coffee" is useful for you coffee lovers.

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