Guatemala Coffee

Guatemala Coffee is one of the coffees with high quality and is also often produced and exported abroad.

Guatemala is also one of the highest coffee producers in the world, due to its soil character and favorable climate for coffee farming.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala coffee has a bright coffee brewing character, smells of flowers, fruity fragrance, moderate body, and a clean and sweet aftertaste.

There are many varieties of coffee in Guatemala with different unique flavors, most of which are Typica and Bourbon varieties.

Guatemala Coffee
Guatemala Coffee (Source:

It produces different flavors of coffee beans and coffee cherries that can be dried and sold as cascara to increase sales for farmers.

There is also a Gesha variant that produces a soft, very sweet, fruity taste with a floral aroma and is unique compared to other coffees.

The fragrance of flowers is reminiscent of Jasmine flowers and dried fruit flowers, and then the sweetness is similar to honeysuckle, with a citrus aroma and a hint of peach flavor.

Guatemala Coffee Antigua

One of the best Guatemalan coffees is Guatemala Antigua since the ideal soil and coffee-growing climate are found in the Antigua region.

In Antigua, there are good, systematic coffee plantations, and good farm management for picking methods.

The farmers cared about the small and detailed things and realized that the complex division of land required cooperation between farmers.

Also, there is special education on agronomy that farmers can participate in, in short, the farmers there are carefully prepared.

Guatemalan Antigua coffee grows at altitudes from 4,600 feet to 5,600 feet, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall is typically between 800 mm and 1,200 mm annually with a relatively consistent humidity of about 65 percent.

Meanwhile, Guatemala Antigua coffee has unique flavors such as chocolate and caramel, with spicy and smoky aromas but also flavors such as flowers and oranges.

It gives a sweet finish and is less sour and lighter, but the viscosity of coffee tends to be full and heavy.

Hopefully, this information about "Guatemala Coffee" will be useful for you as a coffee lover.

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