Cat Acne Treatment

Just like humans, cats can also get skin problems such as spotty.  Cat acne does sound strange, but it is a common thing. However, acne in cats is generally still unknown cause. You can do paint acne treatment at home by paying attention to several things.

Cat Acne Treatment
The cat

This cat pimple does not seem to cause any pain or discomfort in cats. Cat acne is the common name for an idiopathic disorder (meaning we don't know why it happens), which is histologically known as follicular keratoses, according to Dr. Mavis McCormick-Rantze DVM of Lanier Animal Hospital, Sugar Hill, Georgia.

Cat Acne Treatments

Cat acne is a cosmetic disease, but usually requires lifelong symptomatic treatment to keep it under control. Often there are only asymptomatic blackheads that can be found in the chin area, lower lip, and sometimes on the upper lip.

Pustules or small lumps may form if there is a secondary infection. In very severe cases, the skin around the chin can become very thick and edematous (swollen) and even scarred from repeated infections and treatments.

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The exact cause of acne in cats is still not known with certainty. There are several possible causes of cat acne, including stress, poor care by a man's best friend or by the cat itself, overactive sebaceous glands, and food allergies.

How To Treat Cat Acne

Mild (uninfected) cases of cat acne can be treated with human acne pads or medicated shampoos. If the area is infected, then treatment involves systemic antibiotics for two to six weeks.

Cat owners can also gently clean using antibiotic soap, hydrogen peroxide, diluted iodine (Betadine), diluted Epsom salts, and vitamin A. In more severe cases of cat acne, clean the skin with an ointment or gel containing benzoyl peroxide (OxyDex) or chlorhexidine.   

To overcome the problem of dermatitis, you can change plastic bowls to ceramic, metal, or glass bowls. Plastic food bowls are porous and can trap bacteria, which then move to the cat's chin and cause cat breakouts.

That's a little information about paint acne treatment. Hope it is useful.

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