Green Coffee

Not only green tea, but coffee also has a similar color. Green coffee is believed to contain some nutrients that have health benefits. The popularity of green coffee for diets began to spread since claims emerged stating that its content was able to lose weight.

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Green coffee is currently gaining popularity among world coffee lovers. The main thing that distinguishes this coffee from ordinary types of coffee is the processing process of coffee beans which affects the content and aroma of green coffee.

What is Green Coffee

Green coffee is a coffee bean made from coffee fruits that have not been roasted. Unlike coffee that has been roasted or roasted, this type of coffee may taste lighter, even tasting like herbal tea rather than coffee.

These coffee beans contain higher levels of chlorogenic acid than regular coffee. The reason is, the roasting process of coffee beans can reduce the amount of chlorogenic acid.

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Many people believe that chlorogenic acid is a nutrient that is beneficial to health.

Coffee is also popular among people who want to lose weight and reduce the risk of other diseases.

Green Coffee Beans

Extracts from green coffee beans have shown a series of health benefits. The main components that provide these properties, namely caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

However, there are several benefits of green coffee, including:

1. Lose weight

One of the benefits that make green coffee popular, is that it helps you lose weight.

According to research published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine (2016), green coffee bean extract supplements can reduce body fat.

Giving green coffee also reduces weight and fat content in the liver.

The study showed that caffeine and chlorogenic acid play an important role in this property.

2. Controlling blood pressure

In addition to losing weight, another benefit of green coffee, which helps lower blood pressure. The content of chlorogenic acid in green coffee is a powerful antioxidant compound.

The reason is, this antioxidant compound inhibits the active hormone cortisol, which is a hormone that can increase blood pressure.

Meanwhile, some people also drink this coffee because it is thought to increase the elasticity of the arteries so that blood flow becomes smoother.

3. Improve focus

It is no longer a secret that coffee can improve brain work, including green coffee beans.

Caffeine in this type of coffee acts as a stimulant on the central nerve. That is why, you feel more focused and alert after drinking coffee while working.

Caffeine also helps reduce mental fatigue while working.

4. Inhibits the aging process

Not only concentration, but the benefits of green coffee help also inhibit the aging process. This coffee bean is one source of antioxidant content that offers anti-aging effects.

The chlorogenic acid in the seeds is reported to improve skin properties and increase blood flow to the skin. So, the skin can get oxygen and nourish well.

5. Increase energy

Feeling lethargic, weak, and not enthusiastic about going through the day? You may need green coffee as a solution to this fatigue problem.

This is because the benefits of green coffee help increase energy. Thanks to the caffeine content in it, this coffee can make you feel more awake.

You may only feel the effects of caffeine in coffee within 30 to 60 minutes after drinking it. This energy-boosting effect can also last up to 12 hours.

Hopefully, this information about "green coffee" is useful. Especially for you coffee lovers, who want to find coffee for health.

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