Best Pill for Acne

Acne is the most common skin problem experienced by women and men. Having acne that arises on the surface of the face is certainly not something that everyone wants. This condition causes discomfort and self-confidence to drop. Daily activities can also be disrupted. This acne problem can not only be cured with topical or oral drugs. The question is, what is the best pill for acne?

Drinking drugs for acne are usually sold freely or need a doctor's prescription so that the dose is not excessive.

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In addition, oral medications are often considered effective in eradicating acne from within. Especially the type of acne due to hormonal disorders. Here are some acne medicine products taken

Best Pills for Acne

Effective oral medicines for acne in pharmacies include doxycycline, tetracycline, birth control pills, oral isotretinoin, and spironolactone. Some are antibiotic drugs, while some are contraceptives and hard drugs.

1. Antibiotic drug doxycycline

Antibiotics are one type of drinking medicine for acne in pharmacies that are commonly prescribed by doctors. Antibiotics will help eradicate acne-causing bacteria and clean pores thereby relieving inflammation and redness.

One type of oral antibiotic used as a drinking medicine for acne is doxycycline.

Usually, the results of treatment with antibiotics will be seen within four weeks, but the treatment takes months to be completely completed. Antibiotic drugs should not be prescribed for more than six months.

2. Tetracycline antibiotic drugs

In addition to doxycycline, another antibiotic for acne is tetracycline. This drug can slow the growth of acne-causing bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Often tetracycline is used to treat acne of moderate or severe severity. However, this drug may also be given to treat mild inflamed and stubborn acne.

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The use of antibiotics for acne needs to be limited because it can make acne-causing bacteria experience resistance or immunity to the antibiotics used.

3. Birth Control Pills

Oral medicine for acne in other pharmacies is birth control pills that contain estrogen. Birth control pills can help deal with acne caused by hormonal problems. These drugs work by reducing the effects of androgens, hormones that can increase oil production in the pores.

One other characteristic of acne that arises due to hormonal problems is inflamed acne on the lower jaw or chin at the same time every month.

Birth control pills are usually chosen as acne medications if this condition often appears during the menstrual cycle. In addition, women who experience increased acne while in the early stages of menopause can also get effective treatment with birth control pills.

Birth control pills should be taken daily and can help skin repair within three to four months.

4. Oral isotretinoin

Isotretinoin or oral retinoids are very potent acne medications and are considered the best treatment for severe acne. This medication is usually prescribed when other types of treatments do not work to overcome the acne problem you are facing.

Isotretinoin drugs work by shrinking the sebaceous glands near the hair follicles that function to produce oil, to reduce the amount of oil production in the skin. When the oil decreases, the pores are no longer clogged and the skin becomes healthier.

You may need several months to see the results of oral isotretinoin.

This drug belongs to harsh drugs that have a variety of side effects, including sensitivity to the sun, and dry skin, and may not be effective for everyone. This drug is prohibited from use in pregnant women and women who are planning to become pregnant within a few months after use.

5. Spironolactone

Spironolactone is an anti-androgen agent that works by blocking the effects of androgen hormones on the sebaceous glands. This is a drug that is recommended only for adult women and teenage girls.

This medication may be recommended if oral antibiotics or other, more conventional treatments don't help. Although it is not a specific acne treatment, this drug can overcome hormonal fluctuations that contribute to acne.

Spironolactone is not very commonly used and is not a first-line acne treatment option. But for some women, taking this over-the-counter medication for acne can help. One of the side effects that may be felt includes breast pain and menstrual pain.

Hopefully, this information about the "best pill for acne" is useful.

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