Green Coffee Pills

There have been many diet methods, drinks, and slimming pills created, ranging from the Atkins diet to acai berry. Celebrities are among those who have a considerable share in popularizing a diet method to lose weight. This latest slimming product is green coffee pills, which are pills made from green coffee beans. Some celebrity names are reported to have taken this pill. Like Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry.


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Launching from, green coffee is coffee beans that are not roasted. The color is light green, in contrast to coffee beans in general which are blackish brown. This no-roast process retains higher chlorogenic acid. As an antioxidant, chlorogenic acid is believed to provide several health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar and metabolism.

Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee capsules are capsules made directly from green coffee beans which are extracted into capsules to get maximum results from green coffee beans.

Green coffee is coffee beans from coffee fruits that have not been roasted. Since the roasting process of coffee beans can reduce the amount of chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular coffee (roasted coffee beans). Allegedly, chlorogenic acid has many health benefits.

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Green coffee became popular for weight loss after being featured on Dr. Oz's show in 2012. In the event, it was mentioned that this type of coffee beans can burn fat quickly without additional exercise. Some people consume it to treat obesity, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's, and bacterial infections.

Green Coffee Weight Loss Review

Extracts from green coffee beans have shown many health benefits, according to scientific studies.

The main components that confer benefits are caffeine and chlorogenic acid, although some are influenced by factors other than these compounds.

1. Lose weight

According to a study published in March 2006 in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, daily supplementation of green coffee bean extract can reduce body fat and body weight, as well as fat composition in the liver in rats.

In the study, caffeine and chlorogenic acid were seen as the main compounds for weight loss. Chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans that have not been roasted can be digested and absorbed by humans just like that found in the extract.

2. Lowers high blood pressure

In addition to its function to lose weight, chlorogenic acid in green coffee can also reduce blood pressure.

A study published in 2006 in Clinical and Experimental Hypertension showed that patients who consumed 140 mg of coffee bean extract per day showed a decrease in blood pressure.

So far, there have been no side effects reported by patients, so this drink can be called a safe way to help reduce high blood pressure.

3. Improves mood and cognitive performance

The caffeine present in green coffee has a positive effect on mood and also on your brain activity.

According to research published in February 2008 in Nutrition Bulletin, several studies have confirmed that caffeine can improve reaction time, alertness, memory, alertness, focus, endurance, and various other factors of cognitive performance.

Researchers found that the optimal intake of green coffee is between 38-400 mg per day or about a cup to four cups of brewed coffee.

4. Is an antioxidant

These coffee beans contain several antioxidant substances, which can reduce the effects of free radicals.

Hopefully, this information about green coffee pills is useful for those of you who are looking for extracts from green coffee.

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