Gourmet Coffee Brands

In addition to tea, coffee is a favorite drink in the world. Millions of cups of coffee are consumed by citizens of various countries every day. This is because this one drink is indeed able to provide a 'shot' of freshness in a short time through the caffeine content in it. From just a habit, coffee drinking has finally become part of the modern lifestyle. Among the various coffees, Gourmet coffee is the coffee that you must choose, and so many "Gourmet Coffee Brands" that can be an option.

Gourmet Coffee is a nickname given to coffee that has the most delicious taste because it comes from selected coffee beans of the highest quality. There are already many coffee beans that belong to the Gourmet coffee group but are the most sought-after by coffee connoisseurs today.

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Specialty coffee is a term to refer to the highest quality coffee, usually derived from specialty plantation coffee. The term was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Knutsen used the term to refer to the best-tasting beans produced in special microclimates.

Specialty coffee is a term commonly used to refer to "gourmet" or "premium" coffee. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee worth 80 or more on a 100-point scale is considered "special." Specialty coffee grows in a special and ideal climate and differs in its complete taste and has few or no defects. This unique taste is the result of the characteristics and composition of the soil where the coffees are grown.

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If you have talked about coffee, it feels incomplete if you don't look at the best coffees from various countries. Here are some of the best coffee from various countries, including:

  • Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

This coffee grows on Mount Kilimanjaro, a mixture of raisins, chocolate, and the bitterness of rare peaberry coffee is so typical of this best coffee. The best coffee that can withstand hot, mild, or humid weather also has a sour taste. The distinctive sour taste itself can be obtained from a touch of lemon and peach. The fresh roasting process on the oval-shaped coffee beans also creates a winey taste.

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee (Picture: etsy.com)

The winey taste of Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee makes it easily attached to the palate. On the other hand, it tastes so rich and not pungent. Its full body makes this famous coffee can be stored in an airtight container. Examples are glass, ceramic, and metal containers. 

  • Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee's status as a multidimensional Arabica coffee makes it the best coffee. One of the best coffees also has a savory, fresh, and non-sour taste. This is due to its cultivation in mountain sedimentary soils. Another thing that makes it the best coffee is its wet-hull processing process.

best coffee ground brands
Sulawesi Toraja Coffee's (Picture: etsy.com)

There is also a wet-hull processing process that produces free coffee beans. These coffee beans differ in terms of pulp and texture from coffee in general. The texture of Sulawesi Toraja Coffee itself is thick. In addition, one of the best coffees is practically brewed with warm water. Without sugar, Sulawesi Toraja Coffee remains a famous delicious coffee.

  • Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Ethiopian Harar Coffee grown in Oromia, Ethiopia is also the best coffee. Its status as the best or best coffee has existed since 1600. Coffee that grows at 4,500-6,300 feet is also famous for its long process of selecting, roasting, mashing, and brewing. The result is a warm and exotic coffee. Its richness in fruit and mocha flavors also makes this coffee hard to forget.

best coffee brands usa
Ethiopian Harrar Coffee (Picture: toccoacoffee.com)

This smoke-scented coffee is also famous compared to Abyssinia which is fellow Ethiopian coffee. Coffee with its distinctive blackberry smoky aroma is also a pioneer of the coffee industry.

  • Kenya AA Coffee

Grown in the volcanic soil of more than 6,000 meters above sea level, Kenya AA Coffee is the best coffee. One of the best coffees is characterized by a strong citrus and berry aroma. Winey flavors and roasted beans can also be obtained in this medium-bodied coffee. All these flavors make Kenya AA Coffee entitled to an "AA" grade. The existence of an "AA" value on Kenya AA Coffee makes the quality of this coffee guaranteed.

gourmet coffee beans
Kenya AA Coffee (Picture: wmartyn.co.uk)

The scale of values determined by the Kenya Coffee Council affects the impressions it makes. When drinking this famous coffee, we will feel like graduating. We can also get pride in the dark surface of the coffee. The darker surface of this type of light coffee will make it look more classy. Those of us who want to get it can go to the United States or Canada.

  • Gayo Coffee

There are many achievements of Gayo Coffee, coffee from the Gayo highlands, Aceh. One of them was the highest cupping value in 2010. This year is the same year that Gayo Coffee received Fair Trade Certified recognition. This is also when Gayo Coffee is present at the Indonesian Coffee Special Auction Event. In addition to being Fair Trade Certified, Gayo Cofee has also been IG certified. The many achievements of Gayo Coffee prove the quality of Indonesian coffee.

best coffee brands for espresso
Gayo Coffee (Picture: idnstore.tw)

This proof is also at the same time more than the sachet coffee drink at the stall. However, this best coffee is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Not stopping there, Gayo Coffee has also been exported to various countries. For example, countries in the United States and the European Union.

That's a little information about "Gourmet Coffee Brands". Hope it is useful.

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