A Bear Enters a Bakery's Garage, Steals, and Devours 60 Cupcakes

Workers at a bakery in Connecticut experienced a fear of bears when a hungry bear walked into a business garage and brought 60 cupcakes.

In a video posted to Facebook, the bear can be seen entering through an open garage door and dragging a box containing 60 cupcakes into the parking lot, where it took several minutes to feast on the stolen candy.

Bear enters bakery garage
Bear enters bakery garage (Picture: upi.com)

Bakery employees said they were in the process of loading cupcakes into the van to be delivered when the bear appeared.

Bakery worker Maureen Williams said she initially tried to scare the bear by screaming.

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"The bear turned around, and came towards me, and he made a scary noise." "So, I retreated and ran."

Williams said the bear eventually fled the area.

This is because another employee pulled his car to where the animal was snacking on cupcakes and repeatedly honked.

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