Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth Returns on Mission

Something is interesting this time of course with "Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth is back on a mission". The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, and Adam Bessa.

Chris Hemsworth (Photo: imdb.com)

Launching IMDb, Extraction 2 tells the story of Tyler Rake and his team ready to take on the next mission.

Synopsis of Film Extraction 2

Tyler Rake retires from mercenary work to a cabin in Austria.

He is approached by Alcott and asked to save his ex-wife.

He is currently imprisoned along with her gangster husband, Davit Radiant.

Tyler recruits Nik and Yaz to join him and they infiltrate the prison.

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They tried to get Ketevan and his children out without telling Davit who was sleeping.

But he woke up and told the other prisoners who were loyal to him.

Then confronts Tyler and his team and starts a riot.

During the liberation process, Davit tracks Tyler down and Tyler kills Davit before he kills Ketevan.

The group managed to escape and return to their hideout in Vienna.

But Sandro realizes that Tyler has killed him and secretly contacts his uncle.

Zurab and his men track Tyler and the others to a hiding place, trapping them inside the building.

In the chaos, Sandro leaves the group in search of Zurab.

Tyler and his group eventually use one of Zurab's helicopters to escape, but Yaz is killed by Zurab.

Tyler and his group return to his cabin, where he and Ketevan are reunited with Mia.

Tyler apologizes to Mia for leaving the mission before their son died of cancer.

Curious about Film Extraction 2? Hopefully a little synopsis about "Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth is back on a mission" makes you interested to see the latest film from Chris Hemsworth.

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