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Traveling is fun! However, all the comfort and excitement will be instantly lost if you don't prepare for the trip properly. Similarly, if you are a coffee lover, you need a glass travel coffee mug one of them!

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Travel cups are glasses that are usually carried when traveling with a wide selection of materials, some are made of plastic, stainless, and even silicone.

Glass Travel Tumbler

Drinking coffee has become a routine that is done to start the day, especially for those of you traveling lovers who have a myriad of activities.

Now, enjoying coffee is easier with the takeaway facility that allows us to enjoy our favorite coffee while continuing the trip.

Usually, take-away coffee is wrapped in disposable paper or plastic cups, which can be thrown away immediately after the coffee runs out. Unfortunately, although fairly practical, paper or plastic cups are not environmentally friendly.

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As a result, in addition to adding waste or garbage, the glasses are also difficult to recycle. To reduce environmental damage, we can switch to starting to use our tumbler or thermos as a place to bring our coffee.

Reporting from Spoon University, here are six reasons why you should start switching to using a tumbler or thermos to carry your coffee:

1. Can protect the environment

One of the main reasons to stop using disposable cups and switch to using tumblers is of course to protect the environment. In the UK, as many as 10,000 glasses are wasted every two minutes, and per year, glass waste can reach more than 2.5 million pieces.

Disposable cups are environmentally friendly, but in reality, only 1 in 400 of them is recycled. In addition, some of these glasses have been added with a layer of plastic to make them waterproof. Therefore, the process of recycling cannot be equated with cardboard in general. By using your tumbler or thermos instead of that coffee cup, of course, you can reduce the environmental impact caused by glass waste.

2. Can maintain resources

Not only are the cardboard raw materials difficult to recycle but the coffee cup material also cannot be made using recycled materials. The design of this disposable cardboard glass includes one piece of cardboard that is in direct contact with our drink, so it must use a new carton.

Cardboard in such disposable cups requires more than 100,000 trees each year. That's a pretty big amount, isn't it? This is an irony in itself because although the age of cardboard glass is very short, the carbon footprint left behind is very strong.

3. Save money

Along with increasing awareness to protect the environment, now many coffee outlets are participating in reducing waste generated from disposable cups. One of the steps they take is to provide special prices for customers who bring their drinking place or tumbler when buying coffee.

Starbucks, for example, often holds special promos for customers who have tumblers made by coffee outlets from the United States. By bringing your drinking place when buying coffee, you can indirectly save more expenses.

4. Coffee temperature can be better maintained

Does your hot coffee cool down quickly? Disposable cups cannot maintain the temperature of coffee for a long time. Unlike drinking places such as tumblers or thermos, which have been equipped with a special layer so that the temperature of your drink is maintained. So, you no longer need to worry about tasting the bland taste of coffee because of melting ice or cooling latte.

5. Coffee will taste better

When ordering hot coffee packaged in plastic cups, of course, there is a little strange taste of the plastic that is stuck, right? Not only that, but some layers on disposable plastic cups also contain the dangerous chemical BPA. This BPA substance has the potential to contaminate drinks and your body if you often sip hot drinks through plastic packaging.

Although the effects of BPA are still debated - is it dangerous or not? But it would be better if we do prevention by switching to using a tumbler or thermos as a place to drink. And of course, the taste of coffee will taste better without being contaminated with chemicals.

That's a little information about the "glass travel coffee mug", hopefully useful.

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