And Finally... Lionel Messi Officially Announces Joining Inter Miami

Between feeling sad and confused. The news finally sounded as well, "And finally... Lionel Messi officially announces joining Inter Miami". Lionel Messi has confirmed he will soon join Major League side Inter Miami after his contract with PSG expired on June 30.

And Finally... Lionel Messi Officially Announces Joining Inter Miami
Lionel Messi (Julian Finney/Getty Images)

It is known that Messi previously continued to be rumored to return to Barcelona or move to the Middle East or MLS. However, La Pulga admits that Barcelona's financial problems have ended his hopes of a return to the Nou Camp.

Is it true that Lionel Messi joined David Beckham's Miami team?

In an interview with Spanish media Mundo Deportivo and Sport, Messi confirmed that his next destination will almost certainly be David Beckham's Miami team. The club itself tweeted a video teasing his move just minutes after the interview was published.

"I have made the decision that I will go to Miami. I still haven't solved it completely. Some things were lacking, but we decided to continue on this path. If things at Barcelona don't work out, I want to get away from Europe, get out of the spotlight, and think more for my family," Messi said in the interview.

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In addition, Sergio Busquets, Messi's former Barcelona teammate, has also been linked with a move to the club. However, Messi insists his decision was taken in the best interests of himself and his family, not for a reunion with Busquets.

"I had offers from other European clubs, but I didn't even evaluate them because my idea was to go to Barcelona, and if that doesn't happen, then leaving European football after winning the World Cup is what I need," he said of the seven-time Balon d'Or winner.

"Now I'm going to end my career in this country and experience MLS differently, enjoying everyday life better. But with the same responsibility to want to win and always do things well, but with a calmer life."

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