Scoot Henderson and His Extraordinary Ambition

Make no mistake... Scoot Henderson and his incredible ambition will prove his victory. Indeed, much of the hype surrounding the 2023 NBA Draft centers around Victor Wembanyama, and rightfully so. But there are several other players available in the upcoming class who also possess elite skills. There is no clear choice for the Charlotte Hornets on who will be selected with the 2nd overall pick, but Scoot Henderson has proved it himself.

Scoot Henderson (Photo:

Henderson played his high school basketball in the state of Georgia, before deciding to give up his college experience. He instead joined the Ignite of the NBA G-League to showcase his skills, where he averaged less than 15 points in 31 minutes per game. He is well-built with a body ready for the league and has explosive athleticism compared to Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose.

Scoot Henderson, One of the Viable Options for the Hornets

He was considered the leading candidate to be the player selected after Wembanyama, but Henderson joined top-ranked Brandon Miller during an outstanding season in Alabama. Both are now considered two viable options for the Hornets, who may be looking for someone with Miller's style of play that fits their roster.

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That means Henderson will be available for the Portland Trail Blazers at #3, and they did their due diligence by hosting him for practice on Saturday. This is one of only two drills Henderson will participate in, with the other coming up this weekend in Charlotte.

The Blazers are in an interesting position. It is in their best interest to do what they can to build a winning team around Damian Lillard while the point guard is still in his prime, something they have failed to do over the years despite being loyal players. Adding young players like Scoot Henderson who may need time to develop doesn't fit Lillard's timeline, and there are reports that the Blazers are listening to trade offers from teams looking to move up.

Wait for further news.. and rest assured Scoot Henderson and his incredible ambition will prove his victory. We're waiting for you and prove Henderson!

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