Belle, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accompanied the delivery of the owner

Unique and interesting, "Belle, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accompanies the delivery process of the owner". Not only that, Belle, was the first dog to accompany her owner, Amee Tompkins, to give birth in the hospital

Belle, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accompanied the delivery of the owner
Belle and her owner, Amee Tompkins and her baby (Picture: SWNS) 

The two-year-old dog climbed into the ambulance and waited patiently as his owner entered the delivery room.

He also stayed in intensive care for three days after he underwent a cesarean section at Milton Keynes University Hospital, in England.

Belle was the first dog in the world to be allowed into a hospital maternity ward

This moment is believed to make Belle the first dog in the world to be allowed into the maternity ward of the hospital.

As a service dog, he has been living alongside Amme who has autism, OCD, and a long history of anxiety.

When the owner is stressed or in pain, Belle will lie next to him to provide needed support.

"He gave me something else to focus on when everything was going on around me," Amee said. He can detect the symptoms of Amee's panic attack and help her find her way out in the crowd.

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Not only that, Belle is also very smart so she can press buttons on elevators and stick debit cards when shopping.

"He pressed a button on the elevator, and he even taped my debit card to the machine to pay for things while we shopped," Amee explained.

"Basically, without him, I was too anxious to leave the house. I just stay indoors all day and every day."

Belle's presence was the idea of one midwife who realized how beneficial the dog was to its owner during pregnancy.

She routinely accompanies Amee when she goes to the obstetrician, including during ultrasound and listening to the baby's heartbeat.

"He even learned to distinguish between a baby's heartbeat and my own. It's reassuring," Amee said.

Belle's presence is very useful to provide comfort for Amee when welcoming her child.

Amee said Belle Arus passed a risk assessment before being granted access to the maternity ward.

The goal is to ensure that the service dog can understand the busyness in the hospital ward and his reaction when the owner is in pain during labor.

"He just went through it all, they were in awe of him," Amee said. To make up for this special condition, Milton Keynes University Hospital's infection control team carried out extra cleaning and precautionary measures to keep everyone safe in the ward and other parts of the hospital.

"It's a privilege to be able to provide truly individualized care," said Melissa Davis, Division Chief of Midwives at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

"We recognize how important this is to Miss Tomkins – we wish her and her family all the best for the future."

The incident also received attention from the British public so Belle was then given a national award for her hard work.

Amee hopes the award can change negative perceptions about bull terriers, which are often considered aggressive. "He's a very calm and beautiful dog and he deserves all the recognition," Amee said.

He adopted Belle as a child and consulted an animal behaviorist to make her a service dog.

Isn't it interesting? When he found out that "Belle, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accompanied the delivery of his owner".

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