2 8-year-olds killed after car crashes into UK school

Sad news today, "2 8 year-olds killed, after car hit the school in England", Even a girl named Nuria Sajjad (8) died in a car accident that hit her school building in London.

2 8-year-olds killed after car crashes into UK school
Nuria Sajjad was said by family members to have "embodied joy, kindness and generosity" (Photo: METROPOLITAN POLICE) 

The incident occurred on Thursday (6/7/2023), and the girl breathed her last on Sunday (9/7/2023).

The horrific incident occurred when elementary school students were partying at the end of the semester tea

Some primary school pupils were having end-of-semester tea parties with their parents and teachers in the garden of Wimbledon Preparatory School, near where the tennis tournament was taking place when the collision occurred.

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The driver of the car, a 46-year-old woman from the area, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, police said. The incident was not treated as an act of terror, police said on Thursday.

Nuria Sajjad was the second girl killed in this accident. Selena Lau died of her injuries on Thursday during the collision.

Nuria Sajjad's family described her daughter as joyful, kind, generous, and loved by everyone around her.

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