Coco Lee Passed Away and Her Two Favorite Words to Get Through a Difficult Year

"Coco Lee Passed Away and Her Two Favorite Words to Get Through a Difficult Year", began the news from the entertainment world today. Singer Coco Lee had a rough year before passing away on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Coco Lee (Photo:

This can be seen from the last upload of his Instagram account, @Cocolee. The last upload of Coco's official account was recorded on December 31, 2022.

"Love" and "Faith" Became Her Two Favorite Words to Get Through a Difficult Year

At that time, he posted several photos of his hands with the words "Love" and "Faith" written on which means love and faith.

Coco then explained in the caption on the photo that love and faith are two words she has firmly instilled in her heart to get through a tough 2022.

"Love and faith are two favorite words that I carry firmly in my heart that are needed to get through this very difficult year," Coco wrote on her Instagram account, quoted Thursday (6/7/2023).

Coco said that life is sometimes hard and unbearable, but she still applies the attitude of a female warrior.

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According to him, this attitude can help everyone, including himself, face life without fear and can always smile and have strength and courage.

In 2023, Coco aims to share her life story and how she navigated her big, life-changing challenges but can still try to be positive.

"My goal in life in 2023 is to share my life story and how I faced big, life-changing challenges and still been able to maintain a positive attitude," she continued.

Coco said she was happy to be herself and it made her feel grateful to still be alive and share her thoughts with her fans.

Through her upload, Coco hopes that her fans can have a new perspective to face life.

He also asked his fans to always live and choose a path that can indeed bring happiness, and always be kind to others. "Be an influential figure to inspire people," writes Coco Lee. 

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