3 People Killed in Washington DC Shooting

3 people were killed in a shooting in Washington DC, United States, Saturday (5/8) night local time.

(Photo: Reuters)

Reporting from CBS News, the shooting was reported around 20:00 local time. Acting Metropolitan Police Chief Pamela Smith said the shooting took place in the Southeast DC area.

Three Dead, Two Also Reportedly Injured

Two men and a woman were found dead at the scene of the shooting. However, the victim has not been identified.

In addition to the three dead, two people were also reported injured. The two injured were rushed to local hospitals in an unknown condition.

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No arrests were made following the shooting. The circumstances that triggered the shooting, the motive, and the number of suspects involved are also unclear.

"We are aware there may be others injured tonight," Smith said.

"We ask you to report," he added.

Washington DC has recently experienced a spike in crime. According to the city's latest statistics, violent crime is up 37% so far this year compared to the same period in 2022, and homicides are up 21%.

Smith was named D.C. police chief last month, replacing Robert Contee, who announced in April that he was leaving the department to join the FBI as assistant director of the Office of Partner Engagement.

"There are more guns in the community now, more guns than we've experienced during my time here in the police department," Contee told CBS News in an interview ahead of his departure.

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