Black Onyx Stone

Black onyx stone has a very smooth texture with a luxurious shape so it is very beautiful to be used as jewelry. In addition to its beauty, the benefits of black onyx natural stone are also efficacious as healing and have spiritual properties in it.


Since then, this stone has been used as accessories with different purposes such as amulets, luck, representing certain zodiac signs, and so on.

Benefits of Black Onyx Stone

Onyx itself is taken from the Greek word onyx which means claws or nails.

According to the story, this stone is related to the legend when Cupid played a prank on Venus by cutting her nails while still sleeping so that they were scattered on the ground and God turned them into colored flesh stones and finally the white, brown, and black chalcedony stone was called onyx.

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Want to know about Black onyx Stone? The following will convey the benefits of this stone, among others:

1. Eliminate Negative Energy

Black onyx stone is often used to remove a lot of negative energy that exists in stone owners because of its calming properties such as the benefits of turquoise stone and can help users to clear all negative emotions, certain situations, and thoughts.

2. Eliminate the Bad Past

This stone is said to be used to forget various bad and unpleasant memories so it is very good to use for those of you who want to forget a previous relationship and can continue your life better.

3. Change Habits

Various bad habits that are unhealthy and can hinder daily activities can also be changed by wearing this black onyx stone. Onyx's stone wearers are free from various types of stress so that decisions made in life can be appropriate.

4. Increase Business

This precious stone is also said to be very good and owned by entrepreneurs so that they can think positively and produce various new businesses.

Entrepreneurs will be able to improve decisions more quickly and better relate to business.

As for some negative thoughts or opinions, emotions, and also thoughts from other people that are not important as well as the benefits of cat eye stones.

5. Increase Intuition

Black onyx stone users will also have increasing intuitive powers while showing the best way of life through meditation, dreams, visions, and the like.

6. Improve Mental

Onyx stones are also said to have the ability to give self-affirmation.

With logical analytical and inspirational thinking, a person can focus more and also win an argument.

7. Provides Protection from Evil Forces

The benefits of lotus agate which is useful for getting rid of evil forces are also owned in this stone. In some cultures, black onyx is believed to ward off various evil spirits that exist in stone users and families.

Since long ago, this stone was used by several ethnic groups in distancing themselves from black and dark magic as well as evil spirits sent by others.

8. Increase Sensory Acuity

Black onyxs are also believed to increase the sharpness of the wearer's senses. Users of onyx stones will have better alertness, awareness, and focus while increasing self-confidence and balance.

9. Curing Diseases

In addition to the benefits of jade that are known to cure many diseases, this stone is also said to cure several diseases such as dental problems, eye disorders, bone problems, epilepsy, and foot problems.

While onyx stone soaking water is also believed to treat various skin problems and infections. While for pregnant women can use this stone so that labor can go well and smoothly.

10. Increase Self-Confidence

For someone who works as a leader, this stone is also very good to use to increase self-confidence, increase a sense of responsibility while lowering the ego when in important disputes.

Those were some of the benefits of black onyx stones that are useful for various sectors such as health, mental, emotional, physical, and so on.

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