Falling from a building in Hong Kong, French Remi Lucidi "Spider-Man" dies

Remember Remi Lucidi? Yesterday's shocking news was "falling from a building in Hong Kong, French 'Spider-Man' Remi Lucidi killed".

Remi Lucidi began posting photos and videos on Instagram in 2016 of him scaling high-rise buildings and structures in countries such as France, the United Arab Emirates, and Portugal (Photo: REMI ENIGMA/INSTAGRAM)

Remi Lucidi, indeed an influencer who conquered skyscrapers also known as Spider-Man from France, died after falling from the 68th floor of one of the buildings in the Tregunter Tower complex, Hong Kong on Thursday (07/27/2023).

Lucidi Had knocked on the window to ask for help

Reporting from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Lucidi came to the Tregunter Tower complex on Thursday at around 6 p.m. local time. He told security that he wanted to visit a friend on the 40th floor.

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However, after taking the elevator, Lucidi instead decided to use the stairs and go up to the roof of the building.

Security camera footage showed that at 7.38 pm, Lucidi was seen knocking on the window of the penthouse on the 68th floor to call for help. A housekeeper who was inside saw it, but because he was suspicious, he did not immediately open the door.

Police suspect that Remi Lucidi was trapped outside the penthouse and could not get inside the building. He then slipped and fell from a height of about 213 meters. The police also found Lucidi's camera containing videos of other dangerous actions.

"It is possible that he was trapped outside the penthouse while practicing extreme sports inside the building, and he knocked on the window for help but accidentally fell to his death," an SCMP source said.

Remi Lucidi is a fearless stuntman. Although fearless, no one knows fate. "Falling from a building in Hong Kong, Remi Lucidi 'Spider-Man' France died" became today's sad news, goodbye Remi!

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