Scare! Lizzo Sued By Her Ex-Dancer For Sexual Harassment

Scare! Lizzo sued her former dancer for sexual harassment. Of course, this is bad news. Lizzo was sued by three of her dancers in addition to alleged sexual assault, also for physical humiliation.

The lawsuit, which was registered in the Los Angeles Superior Court, USA, on Tuesday (1/8/2023) came from three people, namely Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, through their attorney, Ron Zambrano.

A trio of Lizzo’s former dancers are accusing the singer and her touring team of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment, among other allegations (Photo: Amy Harris / Invision / Associated Press)

The three defendants are Melissa Viviane Jefferson or commonly referred to as "Lizzo", Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (Lizzo's production company), and the leader of the dance team, Shirlene Quigley.

The trigger for Harassment in Amsterdam, Netherlands

An incident in Amsterdam, Netherlands, became the trigger. According to the plaintiffs, Lizzo molested her while throwing a party in the Red District, the city's notorious legal prostitution district, after a concert.

"Lizzo asked her team to take turns holding strippers," the document claims.

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The singer, who is known for advocating body positivity, has also been accused of insults, especially to Arianna Davis.

The defendant allegedly insulted Davis after accusing her of gaining weight and not living up to her commitments as a dancer.

Last May, Davis was fired for filming Lizzo while evaluating dancers over her performance.

"The way Lizzo and her management team treat the dancers seems to contradict all the principles Lizzo portrays in public," Zambrano said.

Shirlene Quigley was accused of demeaning dancers by wearing her faith. But simultaneously, she talks about a dancer's sexy fantasies and virginity.

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