Inter Miami Vs Nashville SC: 0-0

Shocking, the result of the game this time, "Inter Miami vs. Nashville SC: 0-0". And only this time, Lionel Messi for the first time tasted the failure to win with Inter Miami when hosting Nashville at DRV PNK Stadium, Florida.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Nashville had threatened in the opening minutes of the game through Teal Bunbury who was still easily caught by Drake Callender.

The course of the match "Inter Miami vs Nashville"

After 10 minutes of the game, Inter Miami dominated the game. Attack after attack seems to be endlessly designed by Messi and friends. It's just that Nashville's defense is quite staunch, dampening the home team.

Robert Taylor's shot that received Messi's pass still floated over the bar in the 33rd minute.

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Taylor wasted another chance in the 44th minute when he received the ball inside the box and then fired in with a left-footed shot.

Hany Mukhtar made a splash in the opening minutes of the second half. The feed is still in the sky and does not make Callender have to make a rescue.

Messi's movement in the 59th minute allowed McCarthy to foul the megastar. The referee decided a foul and a free kick for Inter Miami. Messi, who took the free kick, shot towards the goal, but the ball was still well caught by Elliot Panicco.

The intensity of the game increased midway through the second half. Inter Miami and Nashville exchanged attacks and both goalkeepers took turns making saves.

In the 70th minute Mukhtar scored for Nashville, but the assistant referee raised the offside flag about the proceedings before Mukhtar netted the ball.

Messi from the first half always presented a threat, but could not let go of the magical touch that resulted in the goal.

Nashville and Inter tried to score the difference in this match, but neither finishing made the score change. Messi's attempt in the final minute only resulted in a corner kick.

The score of 0-0 lasted until the game broke up. Messi tasted failure to win for the first time since joining the Inter Miami squad.

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