Netflix Presents Game Controller for IOS

Something is interesting for you game lovers, this is because Netflix presents a game controller for IOS (iPhone Operating System).


Netflix Game Controller allows users to turn their phone or tablet into a game controller for the Netflix service on their TV. This also makes it easier for users who want to play games, now it can be controlled via IOS devices.

Netflix Game Controller is now available on the AppStore

For your information, Netflix has presented game features since 2021. However, not all users can take advantage of this feature, because it is only specifically for iOS devices and high Android device systems.

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Although the Netflix Game Controller app is already available on the AppStore, it is still unknown what games can be run using the application. While it only says the description "Coming Soon" on the Controller.

Over the past two years, Netflix has been active in developing dozens of games on its platform. Until now, as many as 70 games can be played. One of Netflix's flagship games is "Oxenfree II: Lost Signals."

Based on the Gizmochina page, there is no further information from Netflix for later the application can be used on Android devices or not.

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