Supermoon Phenomenon, An Extraordinary Beauty of the Moon

The supermoon phenomenon is an extraordinary beauty of the moon. Of course, its beauty makes beauty lovers amazed by the presence of a supermoon.

From New York City, the Sturgeon supermoon will rise at 14:31 EDT (1831 GMT) (Photo: Roman Overko via Getty Images)

A full moon has already occurred twice in August 2023. One of them will happen on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, last night and can be seen directly with the naked eye.

The Sturgeon Supermoon is the first of two full moons in August

The August full moon, known as the Sturgeon Supermoon, is the first of two full moons in August. The moon will be 99 brighter when it rises in the east at dusk, as opposed to sunset.

At its peak, the supermoon will be 357,311 kilometers from the center of Earth, making it the second-largest supermoon of 2023. This Sturgeon Supermoon is said to have a similar size to the super full moon that will occur on August 30, citing Livescience.

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The second supermoon of 2023 will not only be visible on Tuesday (1/8/2023), but will also be visible on Monday and Wednesday, or before and after the peak of the super full moon.

Supermoons orbit a little closer to Earth than the average moon, so they appear slightly larger and brighter. It happens because the moon has an elliptical orbit of the Earth.

The moon has perigee (nearest) and apogee (farthest) distances. The average distance of perigee and apogee can range from 363,400 to 405,500 kilometers, respectively.

The supermoon is the closest full moon, so it is larger than average. Observing a supermoon is the same as observing an ordinary full moon.

The full moon phase itself is a condition when the entire surface of the moon facing the Earth reflects sunlight. The distance between the Earth and the moon at that time reached 357,528 kilometers.

According to him, people can see the phenomenon directly without additional vision, and can be observed throughout the night.

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