Tourists Enter Rome's Iconic Trevi Fountain to fill up their water bottles

A tourist throws a tantrum at the Trevi fountain, one of Italy's iconic destinations. Tourists enter Rome's iconic Trevi fountain to fill their water bottles


Reporting from ABC7News, Wednesday (16/8), a woman stunned a group of tourists at Trevi Fountain. The tourist suddenly entered the fountain with a drinking bottle. He then filled the bottle with water from the Trevi Fountain.

It is thought that this tourist-filled his water bottle into the Trevi fountain so that his wish would come true.

The bizarre action was filmed by another tourist, Lex Jones, last month. Jones knew that what the woman did was not to be imitated.

"It's not allowed. So I started recording it," he said.

After a brief interrogation, the woman was taken by the guards out of it.

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"The woman tried to explain why and she didn't feel it was wrong," Jones said.

A guard saw him from the 2nd floor. He then went downstairs to pick up the woman.

The tourist was interrogated. The information given by the tourist has not been conveyed to the media.

The Trevi Fountain is an 18th-century fountain located in Rome, Italy. Generally, tourists come to this fountain and throw coins so that their wishes come true.

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