World Dog Day 2023

Are you a dog lover? Or have a dog at home that always faithfully accompanies daily activities at home? It looks like you should celebrate "World Dog Day 2023" which falls on August 26.


World Dog Day is commemorated every August 26, which this year falls on Saturday (8/26/2023).

World Dog Day Established by Colleen Paige

The commemoration of World Dog Day 2023 aims to raise public awareness of the important role of dogs in everyday life.

Namely as a working dog, honest companion, service animal, and pet.

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Citing the page, the establishment of World Dog Day was first established by Colleen Paige in 2004.

Colleen Paige is an animal welfare activist, animal behaviorist, animal behaviorist, photographer, pet-friendly interior designer, dog trainer, and also the bestselling author of "The Good Behavior Book for Dogs".

The beginning of the celebration of World Dog Day 2023 is to cherish and acknowledge the love, happiness, and friendship that dogs bring to life.

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