Olivia Rodrigo to Hold GUTS World Tour

Olivia Rodrigo will hold a GUTS world tour after releasing her second album of the same name on September 8, 2023. Is that the case? This was revealed from the leaked lyric video of the song 'Making the Bed'.

Olivia Rodrigo (Photo: Nick Walker)

Of course, the suspicion that Olivia Rodrigo will hold a GUTS world tour makes fans enthusiastic.

Is it true that Olivia Rodrigo will hold a GUTS world tour?

Olivia Rodrigo has released her second full-length album titled GUTS on September 8, 2023. In this pop-rock album, Olivia released 12 songs.

The twelve songs on this GUTS album are all-American bitch, a bad idea right? vampire, lacy, ballad of homeschooled girl, making the bed, logical, get him back! love is embarrassing, the grudge, pretty isn't pretty, and teenage dream.

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All twelve songs have lyric videos, which makes it easy for fans to memorize Olivia Rodrigo's new songs from the GUTS album. But apparently, there is a surprising hint in the lyric video 'making the bed'.

There is a purple ticket showing Olivia Rodrigo will hold a GUTS world tour. There is only the location of Palm Springs, CA, USA as a description. There is no date when the GUTS world tour will take place.

Leaked tour plans leave fans hysterical

On Olivia Rodrigo's plan to hold a GUTS world tour, fans are busy giving positive comments. Many fans claimed to be impatient and asked Olivia to immediately provide a world tour schedule.

"A tour will be a success this time, I hope he starts it," commented a netizen quoted from the X Pop Crave account.

"Want to join this tour, how can I get tickets to join?" said another.

"Yaaaaa, finally!!" said enthusiastic fans.

Previously, Olivia Rodrigo had held a SOUR tour in 2022. The SOUR tour held shows throughout North America and Europe.

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